Are you nostalgic for Naruto? Well, this event for the 20th anniversary of the anime will make you even more so

Naruto” is an anime classic like few others at this point, a matter of being considered one of the three iconic members of the ‘big-three’ of anime. The work of Masashi Kishimoto, in extension today through “Boruto“, marked many fans who continue to celebrate the franchise in style today. Therefore, I have no doubt that the event they are preparing in Japan for its 20th anniversary will be a resounding success.

Naruto will celebrate the 20th anniversary of his anime in style

Before going on to tell you about the where, when and what of this “Naruto” event, I’ll leave you with the commemorative image that they have shared in the last hours:

And now that you have the illustration with several of the zillions of zillions of characters that one ends up meeting in “Naruto”, I tell you four details for the event (via AnimeHunch):

  • NARUTO THE GALLERY will be the name of the event, and will take place between December 10, 2022 and until January 31, 2023. ❗
  • Where will the event take place? Well, this will take place in AKIBA_SQUARE, located in Chiyoda-ku (Tokyo). ✔️
  • The event will have two types of tickets for sale: a standard ticket priced at 2,400 yen for adults and 1,300 yen for children (16.80 and 9.11 euros respectively, babies do not pay) and another that will include a series of stickers and even a towel, also divided into adults and children (27.33 euros and 19.62 euros, respectively). Those interested in buying the first tickets will have time until January 31, 2022 while the second will be available until October 25. ❗

I suppose that as you can imagine the idea of ​​the event is celebrate both anime and its movies, with exhibitions of all kinds and apparently also merchandising. “Naruto” is a work that really deserves this type of treatment for all its accumulated success and how much it has helped to expand the anime phenomenon around the world, being in countries like the USA an absolute reference for many (including NBA players like Zion Williamson). Now, all that remains is to wait and see in a little while how everything is that they have prepared for the occasion in Japan.

Naruto Synopsis

In the Hidden Leaf Village, a troublesome kid who studies at the ninja school, Naruto, is dedicated to plotting mischief after mischief. Naruto’s dream is to one day inherit the name of Hokage, reserved for great heroes, and to become the greatest ninja of all time. Will he be able to fulfill his longing for greatness?!

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