Argentina cosplays Naruto as a woman and surprises anime and manga fans

Although years have passed since the end of the anime and manga of Naruto: Shippūden, that season of the series is still the most popular, even now that the story continues with Boruto. Thanks to that we continue to see cosplay from Naruto Shippuden, like the one made by Argentina Valentina Kryp inspired by the female version of Naruto with his sexy jutsu.

Actually Valentina is a very talented cosplayer with a lot of experience, as she has been impersonating fictional characters for more than four years and from the beginning we have seen high quality cosplays from her. In recent years, Valentina’s popularity has increased along with the quality of her cosplays, as we see in her genderbend Naruto cosplay.

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From the beginning of the Naruto anime and manga we have come to see a female version of the character, since one of the iconic movements of the beginning of Naruto was the Sexy Jutsu. When she did that Naruto Jutsu she turned into a woman and usually she did it without clothes, but with some clouds floating over her body and covering the most intimate areas. It was in that version that Valentina was inspired for her cosplay.

The first time we saw Valentina in her female Naruto cosplay was at the end of May last year, when she auditioned for an alternate version of Naruto to much fan service. However, the cosplayer surprised Naruto fans later when she submitted more risque photos in June.

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Without a doubt, the Naruto cosplay made by Valentina Kryp can be considered one of the best inspired by the female version of the ninja, but it is not the only quality cosplay that the Argentine cosplayer has presented. If you like the Naruto cosplay that Valentina made, I invite you to follow her on her social networks, because she recently presented a morrigan aensland cosplay in duet very good.