Argentinian streamer presents her Hinata Hyuga cosplay inspired by Naruto Shippuden

The Argentine streamer Juliet Allegrettialso known as “Girl Of Nox”, is an Argentine social media star and is considered one of the most successful in her country. Although Julieta is dedicated to making streams, on some occasions she has introduced us cosplay of video game characters, anime and mangaamong which are his hinata hyuga cosplay inspired by naruto shippuden.

For a couple of years the popularity of Juliet Allegretti is on the rise and currently has millions of followers around the world. The first time we saw Julieta doing a hinata cosplay It was in May 2021, when he presented us with three photographs with the suit that we see in Naruto Shippuden.

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According julietis not a big fan of the first photographs he posted on his hinata cosplay, but after a few months he published another session with new glasses and the wig fixed for a better version. Although the streamer feels that her cosplay did not fit her perfectly, her fans had an extremely positive response.

Earlier this year we saw again Julieta Allegretti cosplaying Hinata Hyuga, once again inspired by the look of Naruto Shippuden but with a photograph taken outside. It was on this occasion that Julieta said that Hinata was one of her favorite characters and on this occasion the photograph was taken by Straska Protography.

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Her nickname “Girl of Nox” means “Girl of the night” and it comes from when she was just starting to play LOL, because at that time she had a bad internet connection and everyone used the network during the day, so she could only play in the nights. Since then juliet she has greatly improved her workspace and is now one of the most successful streamers, allowing her to explore gaming at her leisure.