Author of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure draws his own version of Naruto Uzumaki | Spaghetti Code

one of the series Shōnen which has references folded all over it is Jojo’s Bizarre Adventureso much so that it is impossible to see something on television or in any video game and immediately remember this series created by Hirohiko Araki, but a character decided to appear making poses and stands and we are talking about Naruto Uzumaki.

Various mangaka Japanese came together to celebrate one of the classic works of the good Masashi Kishimoto and made different pieces of artbut one of the most striking was that of Araki himself, creator of Jojo’s.

This version of Naruto was portrayed with all the characteristics of a character from jojo’slike the detailed face and a beautiful expression, but here we leave it for you to see for yourself.

Source: Special

Araki’s result is similar to part 7 or 8 of the story of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, with very well marked features, thick lips and great detail in the eyes. The drawing attracted attention, since fans could feel a Naruto more real and concrete than in the original manga.

Jojo’s fans recognized the author’s work in recreating a different version of one of the most well-known and beloved manga heroes of all time.

Meanwhile, some have wondered if the booth from Naruto could be Nine Tails, of course, only if it was within the world of Jojo’sbut we believe that he could be one of the most powerful characters in history, he could even face anyone. can you imagine Naruto inside the world of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure?


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