Azey and her Hinata Hyuga cosplays in four different versions for Naruto fans

Even though it’s been years since it ended Naruto is still one of the series of anime and manga most important of this generation, so they continue to emerge cosplay of great quality inspired by their most popular characters. Azey is a Chinese cosplayer who is distinguished by the high quality of her cosplayand among the best are those of hinata hyuugawhom he has played in four different versions inspired by naruto shippuden.

The first times we saw Azey make a hinata hyuga cosplay It was in 2020, and among her first costumes is the one that characterizes Hinata in naruto shippuden. Thanks to a photo he posted posing next to an image of Naruto and Kakashi we can see Azey’s incredible resemblance to Hinata.

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Of course, this was not the only time that Azey played Hinata following the original design of his character, but in the following occasions he took creative liberties to present us with new versions of the popular kuniochi. In a publication Azey presented a small clip with an edition that turns it into Hinata in her anime version.

A technique that characterizes the Hyuga is the Byakuganwhich gives her pale eyes a new look, which was successfully replicated by Azey in a cosplay which imagines Hinata performing ninja techniques. This time Hinata’s costume changed slightly but is still attached to what we see in the anime and manga.

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This version of hinata hyuuga who presented Azey It was very popular among its followers, which caused the popular cosplayer to publish new photos playing this character. Although in the following photographs the hinata cosplay returning to normal and ditching the Byakugan, Azey’s appearance reflects Hinata’s personality in the series.

This was not the last time we saw Azey as Hinata Hyuga with that ninja uniform, because last year he shared the last photo in a pose that better shows his full cosplay. This publication has been one of the best received with more than nine thousand reactions on her Instagram account.

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One of the most recent versions that Azey presented shows us Hinata Hyuga in an original outfit, because this time it does not follow any that we have seen in the Naruto anime or manga. The new version of Hinata presented by Azey is inspired by the Maids of Japan, and had an extremely positive reception on her social networks.

Actually, the Hinata Hyuga cosplay maid version It was so well received by Azey’s followers that the cosplayer decided to share an additional photo a couple of days later, with a portrait of this beautiful version of Hinata.

Finally we leave you the first photograph that we found in the account of Azey where he plays hinata hyuugaalthough on that occasion she was accompanied by a cosplayer who played Naruto Uzumaki, and we see both dressed with Kurama pajamas.

If you like the work of Azey I recommend that you follow her on her social networks, because in addition to being an active cosplayer, she can boast of performing cosplay of the highest quality, as we can see with its version of hinata hyuuga or with his Daki cosplay from Demon Slayer.