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The mainstay of DC Comics Batman and manga icon naruto are almost never associated with each other. Despite their different places in pop culture consciousness, artist Jorge Jiménez brought the two together to discuss his creative influences. Jiménez is an inker and comic book artist who is best known for his work alongside DC Comics. Much of this work saw his name attached to Super Son, Superman, Justice League, and especially, Batman.

Jiménez’s run on Batman was shared with writer James Tynion IV, which saw the introduction of characters such as Punchline, Ghost-Maker, Clownhunter and Miracle Molly, culminating in events such as the joker war and state of fear. While Jiménez is not currently drawing Batmanhe returns to the title with incoming writer Chip Zdarsky for Batman #125 in July, in a six-issue arc titled Fail-safe. Although Jiménez is best known for his Batman-related titles, his genesis as an artist dates back to naruto.

In one TweeterJorge Jiménez revealed that he was inspired to become a comic book artist because of the naruto series. Reading this series inspired him to dedicate his life “to drawing without looking back”. To accentuate and pay homage to his inspiration, Jiménez draws himself next to his idol. For DC fans, Jiménez’s art wouldn’t be the same without naruto.

This isn’t the first time that Jorge Jiménez has revealed his manga influences. In 2019, he tweeted that a key moment of Superman’s Justice League #25 is a direct reference to Akira Toriyama Chapter 415 Dragon Ball Z. Similar to Gohan, Superman conjures up the spirits of his adoptive father, Jonathan Kent, and his son Jon Kent as he throws a mighty punch. Jiménez described the panel as follows: “A clear homage to the manga that inspired me to start drawing and fight for what I believe in.”

It’s clear that the manga means a lot to Jiménez and is a huge source of inspiration. With anime and manga immensely popular outside of Japan, it’s no surprise that many writers and artists of this generation draw inspiration from them in one way or another. Jiménez is no different, as evidenced by the way he pays homage in both his tweeted sketch and his actual work. This highlights manga’s impact on the Western comics industry, with Batman artists like Jorge Jiménez being influenced by manga like naruto.

Source: Twitter/Jorge Jiménez

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