Between amazement and fun: how Naruto skins make the community react

To enjoy Fortnite today, you better have an open mind. Getting attacked by Iron Man, right after taking sniper fire from Kylo Ren and before reviving your ally LeBron James, it’s become common in battle royale. The styles and universes of famous franchises collide in play, sometimes to the point of swearing with their origins. This is what jumped out in the eyes of the community, which for more than a week keeps seeing Naruto and Sasuke firing big shots from shotguns, before flossing in celebration.

The collaboration itself is a success: the Naruto skins are aesthetically beautiful, and the related objects (Kurama glider, kunais, ninja back accessories …) are perfect reminders of the shonen universe. The shift occurs when you jump off the battle bus, and the first exchanges of fire arrive. This is where we wonder what Naruto and his gang are doing in this happy mess. Shooting down an enemy at close range with a shotgun, or strafing with a minigun, it’s quite far from the lexical field of the ninja, it must be admitted.

However, this is not the first time that such a shift has taken place following a cosmetic crossover on Fortnite. When some characters who are not known to be funny little ones (Kylo Ren, Kratos, Venom, for example) started to string together the ridiculous dances, certain passionate a little purist on the edges could not help but shed a small tear . It’s not easy to see your favorite badass become an avatar decked out in flashy emotes and accessories.

And you can be sure Fortnite isn’t going to shut down its partnership machine anytime soon. Over the years, the game has made juicy crossovers its business. Bringing the world’s most famous franchises to life directly in Battle Royale has become an art, which amuses and offends fans, creating a fascination with these sometimes garish contrasts..

As tradition demands, a countdown has appeared in play, telling everyone what time to lock in our calendars. Season 8 will end well with a live event, which will shake Fortnite to the point of bringing out Chapter 3.