Bleach TYBW: One Of The Best Naruto Shippuden Animators Would Be In The Anime

There is less left for the end of summer and we begin to see autumn on the horizon, and that has its good things and its bad things. The negative aspect is that it’s time to say goodbye to the beach, vacations and other pleasures of this time, but the positive is that the selection of great anime that arrive in a few months is colossal, led by Bleach: TYBW.

Fans of Tite Kubo’s work always held out hope that one day the anime would be picked up and the last story arc adapted. After many years of waiting we are finally close to seeing the outcome of Ichigo’s story on our screens, and this production looks better and better.

Bleach: TYBW seems to have made a great signing

  • The first videos of this new anime of bleach make it clear that Pierrot’s animation aims to be spectacularthere is a lot of faith in your work⭐
  • What could be crucial is if something that has been circulating in networks since yesterday is fulfilled; it seems that the technical staff would have added a whole industry veteran
  • According to various sources, including oecuf0 (a pretty reliable leaker), the animator Hiroyuki Masashita would be working as an animator in key episodes of Bleach: TYBW❗❗
  • Masashita is an expert when it comes to animating combatyes, something that already it was shown in Naruto Shippuden with the fights of Kakashi vs. Obito, Naruto vs. Sasuke (the final) and Madara vs. The Shinobi Alliance Army ✅
  • Official confirmation is still missing, but if this information is true, the Bleach anime has just raised my hype levels once again; then I leave you an excerpt from Masashita-sensei’s work:

Bleach Synopsis: TYBW

Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War, abbreviated as Bleach: TYBW, is the anime adaptation of the last arc of the Bleach manga, created by Tite Kubo. In this saga, Ichigo will once again be the great hope of Soul Society in the face of a new unprecedented threat.