Boruto anime episode 221 returns us to the Forest of Death

Warning! The following in The Truth News contains spoilers for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 221, “Chunin Exams Resume”, now airing on Crunchyroll.

One of the most sinister places in Naruto It was the Forest of Death on the outskirts of Konoha. Located on the outskirts of the Hidden Leaf, it had a spooky atmosphere similar to the Living Forest from Mortal Kombat, and young shinobi were often warned about how many of them perished there over the years.

The Forest saw many shinobi die in various wars, especially in sneak attacks against the Konoha elite. The forest also played an important role in the sasuke uchih storya, as the Cursed Seal that Orochimaru marked him with began to manifest and led him down a dark path with the snake Sannin.

As shown in the preview of the episode in the Official anime Twitter. Now, the Forest of Death is back in the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime, proving once again how sadistic the Chunin Exams are. We share more information below.

The Forest of Death in Boruto

Photo: Pierrot – The New Chunin Exams

The Forest of Death It has been redesigned for the rebooted Chūnin Exam of Naruto’s son and company. Interestingly, it is supervised by Shikamaru, Sai, and others of the Seventh Hokage generation, a generation that should remember well the horrors of their own exams.

But these shinobi seem to be playing dirty, with older people like Mirai pretending to be victims in need of rescue, beating examinees to fail and mimicking students to other examinees.

It’s a brutal scenario, as supervisors also actively encourage shinobi to stab themselves in the back by being lazy on the rules, evoking the drama of the original Chunin Exams.

Naruto’s son himself is even approached by a giant snake when he falls into a river, a nod to when Orochimaru’s snake form appeared to tempt Sasuke Uchiha. Can you see this moment of Boruto anime episode 221 on Crunchyroll.

Naruto’s son in episode 221

Fortunately, the blonde befriends the snake and helps him reach his goal, but there are many other creatures attacking the students, eliminating them from advancing to the next round.

Listening to supervisors take it all lightly, noting nearby medical staff so that even if children lose limbs, they don’t suffer the pain, is what makes these exams seem particularly cruel.

They are downplaying the horror and severity of the trials ahead, which could leave children traumatized, as seen from the time of Naruto. Chunin exams have always been deadly.

But with the year the new generation facing vicious, sick games and twisted fakes, it leads one to wonder if the older generation learned anything from their time. In other news, the anime could include Kawaki in the new Chunin Exams.

Fortunately, the protagonist and company are mentally strong this time, but once again it shows that Konoha is genuinely struggling to evolve and progress by learning from well-documented mistakes of the past.

How many chapters does Boruto have?

The manga has a total of 63 chapters published in MANGA More Shueisha, while the anime has 222 episodes released at the time of writing. Finally, we remind you that you can know the Naruto characters that appear in Boruto here.

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