Boruto: Announcement of an upcoming nostalgia bomb

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations announces that an upcoming episode will give longtime fans of the Naruto series a serious dose of ninja nostalgia. The latest promotional image from the Boruto anime shows a mysterious hand wielding an old photo from the original Naruto series, where young Naruto is seen with his Team 7 buddies, Sasuke, Sakura, and their sensei Kakashi Hatake. The image is a now classic piece of Naruto iconography, and its appearance in the current Boruto anime arc is certainly designed to be a nostalgia bomb that’s about to explode in the hearts of fans. . (to know everything about the world of Boruto, do not hesitate to visit our previous articles, like this one) Can Boruto become more powerful than Naruto?

This old Team 7 photo will make an appearance in the upcoming Boruto Episode 227, “Team 7’s Last Mission?” ! Which will be broadcast this week. Naruto fans were quick to jump in and dissect the scene shown, in order to pick up a few key details:

First of all, there is a second photo in this teaser image which clearly shows that the scene takes place in the Uchiha house. This leads many fans to think that it was Sauske, Sakura, or their daughter Sarada who held Kakashi’s Team 7 photo. However, it could just as easily be Naruto who, passing by their house, stumbles upon the old photo of their team taken by his old friend Sasuke. Fans go to great lengths in their review, detailing everything from the markings on Naruto’s right hand to the skin-colored undertones of Sasuke and Naruto. Ultimately, we know this is happening in House Uchiha, but we don’t have a firm answer as to who was involved in this blast from the past. Although, since Sasuke wears a glove in his hand, we can probably rule him out …

The return to the happy days of Kakashi’s Team 7 is going to be especially poignant for the characters in Naruto right now, given everything they’ve just been through. The fight with Isshiki Otsutuski left Naruto and Sasuke considerably powerless (no more Newtails, no more Rinnegan), and left the Hidden Leaf exposed at a time when even more powerful enemies gather in the shadows, waiting. to hit. The village now needs its younger generation to improve their skills and be ready to become the next generation of protective shinobi. So it wouldn’t be surprising if one of these kids (Sarada) suddenly turns to heroes of the past for inspiration.