Boruto Can Do Justice To Naruto’s Worst Romance – Here’s How

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga, already available in English via Viz Media, as well as the anime, which is now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Romance was a strong point in Naruto, since the series precipitated the marriage of the protagonist and Hinata in the end, and most of its development occurred in the later solo films. To make matters worse, Sasuke and Sakura were married despite never having had chemistry or expressing adequate love for each other. That being said, this is not the worst couple attempt in the series, but ironically, as Boruto progresses, there is a chance the manga will do justice and correct this mistake.

They are none other than Lady Tsunade and Jiraiya, two members of the Legendary Sannin of Konoha. Along with Orochimaru, they trained under the guidance of Hiruzen Sarutobi, but their paths diverged as Orochimaru dedicated himself to being a villain, causing Jiraiya to waver in his faith. She would leave the Hidden Leaf to roam the shinobi lands, while Tsunade would return from being a drunk and gamer to take over as Hokage when Hiruzen died.

Interestingly, Tsunade and Jiraiya reunited when he retrained Naruto, but fans were upset by how poorly their bond was handled. They had chemistry, but Jiraiya was reduced to a pervert who sexually harassed her, when in reality, Naruto It could have shaped some depth, since she did have feelings for the “Ero Sennin”. Sadly, his dynamics came to a heartbreaking halt when Tsunade sent him on a suicide mission to retrieve information from the Akatsuki, leading to his death and leaving Naruto angry at how incompetent he was as a leader.

What also upset fans was that, while grieving, she expressed regret for not telling him she loved him or for not looking for something else. It was too little too late, and it poured salt into the wounds, as Jiraiya, despite being a tough guy, always considered Tsunade his soul mate.

But when it came Boruto, fans learned that Amado and Jigen / Isshiki had a Jiraiya clone named Koji Kashin working for them. However, he secretly allied himself with Amado to kill his alien boss and while Koji lost that fight, fleeing with damage, Isshiki ended up dying thanks to Kawaki and the heroes of the Hidden Leaf. The manga of Boruto He hasn’t got Koji back since that incident, but there is room for him to redeem himself, as Amado has done in Naruto’s inner circle.

boruto puede hacer justicia al peor romance de naruto asi es como 1

It’s easy to imagine Koji tucked into the fold, training the likes of Konohamaru and younger warriors after his own fight. After all, he has improved and darker techniques than Jiraiya’s, which could even make him a Ranger like Sasuke. Also, Koji could meet Tsunade now that he is no longer the Hokage and start a new romance. She deserves a fair chance in love and, since she is no longer burdened by responsibility -and she is more mature-, it would be organic for their souls to feel a spark, with the other as a counterpoint.

Naruto would welcome Koji as a clone of his godfather, and with all this knowledge as a soldier, Koji would be a perfect fit in a place that welcomes second chances. It’s very snooty, but spending time with Tsunade, learning about her predecessor and Jiraiya’s dreams for the ninja world, could fill the hole in Koji’s soul and make him the closest thing to the original. It would be a story with many nuances, which would give the fans de Boruto something full of substance, while at the same time tugging at a nostalgic chord for those who wanted to see Jiraiya and Tsunade’s affection really blossom.