Boruto chapter 66 shows one of the worst deaths in Naruto history – Senpai

Naruto’s life has been full of very strong deaths, as he has lost great friends and allies that have left him marked, although it is now in chapter 66 of the manga Boruto that the Seventh Hokage has had to face his heaviest loss so far.

The Third Hokage, Jiraiya, Kurama, are some of the sad deaths that the blond ninja has had to deal with throughout his life as a shinobi. Each and every one of them had a great impact on Naruto’s life, especially those of Jiraiya and Kurama.


However, the most recent manga chapter of Boruto has left the current Hokage in shock, since a death was carried out that undoubtedly appears as one of the worst or strongest in the entire shinobi franchise. It is about none other than Naruto’s son.

A terrible loss for the Seventh Hokage | Photo: Shueisha

That’s right, Boruto has died in the most recent chapter at the hands of Kawaki, who obtained much greater power from his Karma with the help of Amado. The ninja adopted by Naruto literally pierced the body of the young Uzumaki.

This because of Boruto was finding it harder and harder to control Momoshiki, a fact that mainly put his father’s life at risk, but also that of the entire village, so Kawaki knew that this was the only solution. So in a moment of clarity, where Boruto was able to control Momoshiki, he asks his “brother” to put an end to the problem.

Naruto wanted to stop this madness but finally his son died at the hands of Kawaki. We know that there is still much more to see from Boruto’s life, so it is very likely that he will revive in some way that we still do not know later chapters. However, the suspense that this chapter has left the fans has been immense and quite overwhelming.

What did you think of chapter 66 of Boruto?


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