Boruto could be preparing a great betrayal against Naruto

This action could have a huge impact on Naruto.

The Leaf Village is located currently in a critical situation and it is that the war against Code could start at any momentsince it has been seen that this villain has set his plan in motion.

The recent events of this work have given rise to Naruto being seen between a rock and a hard placebecause he had to take pretty hard decisionsputting the welfare of the entire village at great risk.

However, one of the consequences of such decisions could give rise to a great betrayal against Naruto. Next, we tell you the details.

This post contains spoilers for Boruto manga chapter #73.

The great betrayal of Naruto

Shikamaru has been very direct with Boruto and Kawaki, since he still considers them a great threat, due to everything that has happened with them.

Shikamaru has been very direct with Boruto and Kawaki, since he still considers them a great threat, due to everything that has happened with them.

Recent events in the series have put on the table again the idea of ​​executing an emergency plan in case things get out of controldespite the fact that, previously, Naruto had already made up his mind regarding this issue.

Shikamaru, being the right hand of the Hokage, is in a great dilemma, since they fall on he makes all the decisions of the town as he is the brain of this. As has been seen on multiple occasions, this ninja has always acted with great caution, thinking about the well-being of the village, which is why he never totally agreed that Naruto had welcomed Kawaki, given the great danger that this boy represents.

It is well known that Kawaki carries implanted the Karma of Isshiki Otsutsuki and that his body is completely Otsutsuki due to Isshiki’s failed possession attempt with this young man. Also, there is the case of Boruto who has rooted in his consciousness to Momoshikiwho has told him in recent appearances that will come back to life through thisbecause Kaguya’s relative rewrote the body of Naruto’s son through his DNA.

Yes ok Kawaki and Boruto now they have come to have completely Otsutsuki bodies due to these events, Shikamaru has always had in mind that he must act well in advance of these young peoplebecause he does not know when Momoshiki could take over Boruto’s consciousness again and it is also not clear what Kawaki is capable of, since his temperament and attitude make him an uncontrollable being, so he is not sure what actions this young man could take. in the future.

In view of this, Shikamaru knows that these two young men have turned into a ticking time bomb, because he is aware that they could represent a great threat to the village in the future. This situation has worried him for a long time, but given the strategist this ninja is, it is possible that he has already developed a plan to prevent chaos.

However, with this plan you could end up betraying Narutosince the Hokage made it clear that no one was going to kill any of these young people, but if necessary, this is possibly the most correct decision to preserve the peace and well-being of the villagejust as Itachi did at the time when his clan was planning a rebellion against the village.

Boruto and Kawaki, the key pieces to contain Eida

Boruto and Kawaki are the only ones capable of being immune to Eida's abilities.

Boruto and Kawaki are the only ones capable of being immune to Eida’s abilities.

In the most recent chapter of the manga, it has been observed how Boruto and Kawaki have been designated to carry out a great determining mission, since it depends on it. the future of Konoha.

Although Shikamaru still sees them as a potential threat, these youngsters are the the only ones capable of carrying out this surveillance missionbecause by possessing completely Otsutsuki physical bodies they are immune to Eida’s abilitiesso they have a great advantage when it comes to carrying out this plan.

Also, it has been revealed that Eida is madly in love with Kawaki., this young man being the key to understanding this girl and ensuring peace in Konoha. On the other hand, Boruto has been appointed to watch over her and be the mediator between her and Kawaki, since it is known that the personality of this young man is somewhat fickle.