Boruto demonstrates Naruto’s big mistake with the ninja world that no one noticed

Amado could have resorted to Medical Ninjutsu, but he had other motivations for asking for the help of an Otsutsuki.

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One of the most heartbreaking news in the history of Naruto was when the daughter of Beloved Sanzu died. And not just because of the fact that a death in hero stories It’s always an unfortunate thing, except for the way it happened. What do we mean by this?

Well Boruto showed that the circumstances surrounding Amado’s daughter were strange enough because the characters are endowed with magical and technological abilities; so, being unable to bring a loved one back to life is extremely difficult. Although, in this sense, it is also not surprising that the threats are more direct for the heroes, since their health and conditions depend on their own abilities and, of course, the safety of the Five Shinobi Countries.


But focusing on what interests us, an event in chapter 75 of Boruto It shows that things don’t always turn out as fans expect and that characters are not exempt from traumatic events. In this chapter we can see that Amado sought the help of Jigen’s Kara and Konoha’s Naruto to resurrect his daughter Akebi. The latter she died of a strange disease twelve years before the events of chapter 75 and, after seeking a diagnosis, she was finally evicted as there was no apparent cure.

At first, Amado did not believe that he was going to lose his daughter, really, because he was confident that magic, cloning and mecha optimization would make a version of his beloved daughter. And indeed managed to recreate the image of Akebi with the difference that he did not possess her personality.

Also, to understand well how he did it, Isshiki Otsutsuki was behind the cloning effortsSo Jigen, motivated by Amado’s desperate attempts, promised to get involved in the process on the condition that he help him create an army of super-powered Kara agents. It was in this way that Amado became the proper vessel for Isshiki after the relationship with Jigen’s body was insufficient.

So far it would be worth mentioning that Amado’s intentions never tended towards evil. On the contrary, he always kept in mind the love he had for her daughter and the longing for her to come back to life. However, this meant that the peace of the Five Great Shinobi Countries was affected near the end of the Naruto saga. Even so, we continue to wonder that, despite Amado’s grief, why he did not choose another path. Just as he initially believed that technology would be a starting point for his goal, such as the magic of the Tailed Beast and the cultivation of the God Tree and even his personal abilities, the possibility that Akebi could have returned to the world remains open. in a less dangerous way.

What might have been the options for Amado’s daughter?

Considering that ninjas have abilities that can upset the order of nature, let’s take a classic example of this that, if you’ve seen the series, you’ll surely understand its importance. Medical ninjutsu is one that uses advanced ninja techniques for healing. Some of the more popular practitioners, such as Sakura Uchiha and Tsunade, they have the ability to modify the chakra at a DNA level, which changed the structure of the cells and, in this way, they managed to cure the patient. This means that both Sakura and Tsunade could have had the solution to Amado’s problems in their hands.

so if Amado would have asked Tsunade for help to regenerate her daughter’s dysfunctional organs, she very possibly would not have continued to develop the disease that took her life, and what’s more, her organs could have been replaced just like any other disease. And, considering the effectiveness of ninjutsu, it would have been highly likely that the process would have been successful.


Chapter 75 shows Naruto’s ninjutsu.

Unfortunately, Amado resorted to the powers of an Otsutsuki. We still don’t know why, if there are other options outside of the dark side. However, there is no going back on Amado’s decisions, since the relationship he has with evil is close enough for him to leave without any consequences. In addition, surely at the time there would be information about medical assistance and, just perhaps, Amado preferred to ignore this path to make more decisions related to evil.