Boruto finally admits that he is equal to Naruto, although he has done it at the worst moment

Boruto has been shown to resemble Naruto more than one would expect.

In a bit of an inappropriate moment, Boruto has given evidence that he’s more like Naruto than he realizes.

Throughout its history, Boruto has shown what his personality is like, his intentions, and his abilities, also showing your potential as a ninjason of the seventh Hokage, Naruto Uzumaki.

Boruto’s story for some time has been giving fans big revelations regarding the plot and the characters. A great example of this is that they have recently revealed Sarada’s strangest powerdaughter of Sasuke Uchiha.

In this story, Boruto on several occasions has shown similarities with his father, and at a rather inappropriate moment, he has given great evidence that he is equal to Naruto. Here we tell you the details about it.

Boruto offers great evidence that he is equal to his father, Naruto

It has been confirmed that Boruto turned out to be just like his father

It has been confirmed that Boruto turned out to be just like his father

It is well known that throughout the history of Boruto there have been great revelations and important momentswhich gives rise to speculation and theories of fans of this work.

An example of fan theories, is one that was related to the power of falling in love with Eida, a cyber-human who has been causing havoc in history for some time. It should be noted that she said theory has been disproved Recently.

In it Chapter #41 of the manga Boruto: Naruto Next Generations shows us Boruto, Kawaki, Sarada and Mitsuki facing off in a battle against a Kara intern named Boro.

While the four children hide in order to come up with a plan to defeat Boro, they argue about who should be the “captain” leading the group on this dangerous mission.

Mitsuki proposes that, of the four, Who should lead the team is Sarada, to which Kawaki agrees. While it makes a lot of sense for Sarada to be the leader or captain, considering her great intellect and skill, apparently Boruto doesn’t think it’s a good idea.

Once he hears Mitsuki’s proposal, Boruto makes the comment of: “Why does Sarada have to be the captain?” And in response to this, Kawaki says to Boruto: “It is clear that you are not qualified for that position, Boruto”.

Boruto questioning if Sarada should be the leader of the group

Boruto questioning if Sarada should be the leader of the group

Yes ok Boruto ends up reluctantly agreeing.For the fans, it has become quite clear that Boruto does not think the idea of ​​Sarada leading the group is entirely good.

Boruto has not directly expressed the reason why he does not agree with Sarada being the captain of the group, however, considering his expression and the way he made the comment he did, we could come to the conclusion that deep down Boruto wanted to be the leader.

It is well known that Boruto has always stated that he does not want to be the same as his father, and that will do everything possible not to follow the same steps as Naruto. In fact, he even claimed that he didn’t want to be Hokage so he wouldn’t be the same as his father, who is the seventh Hokage.

It should be noted that, with respect to get the role of hokageBoruto decided that it was not what i wanted for two reasons: first, because he knows that Sarada wants to be the next Hokage, and he even once told her that he wanted to be her number two once she fulfilled her dream; and the second, because she has become close to Sasuke, who is the right hand of the Hokage, Naruto.

This refusal to look like his father already turns out to be something absolutely characteristic of Boruto, but there is a high probability that this desire to not be equal to his father has actually arisen because both did not have a very good relationship.

Naruto holding Boruto's hand upon discovering that he was cheating in the Chunnin Exams

Naruto holding Boruto’s hand upon discovering that he was cheating in the Chunnin Exams

Undoubtedly, attitudes and actions such as those you have had in the chapter #41 of the manga show us that actually Boruto is not so different from his father after all.

For the fans it would be quite surprising if Boruto ends up convincing himself that his father is not as bad as he thinks, and that the attitude he has had in the chapter #41 be a sign of some sort of improvement in Naruto and Boruto’s father and son relationship.