Boruto finally introduces one of the most important improvements in Naruto

We have finally witnessed that one of the most important improvements for Naruto in Boruto manga has been added.

In the most recent chapter of the Boruto manga, specifically the 179, we are presented with what could be a solution to the problem with Naruto’s arm. And, although everything seems rosy, the truth is that this could put the ninja world at risk and even break the relationship 7th Hokage with his son.

Next, we will reveal all the details. But you should know that this post contains spoilers the Boruto manga chapter 179. So you should read it at your own risk.

How did Naruto: Shippuden end?

Naruto and Sasuke had their final confrontation, in which they both lost an arm.

In case you don’t remember, after Naruto and Sasuke defeated KaguyaThey met in a fight. Each defending their ideals and their way of understanding the ninja world. However, in the end, none emerged victorious, but both ended up with a mangled arm. This due to the clash of his distinctive techniques, such as the Rasengan and the Chidori.

Both were on the ground and decided to talk in depth about their differences and decisions until finally reconciling. Fortunately Sakura appeared at that momentsince they were losing a lot of blood.

After that event, Naruto received an arm made from Hashirama’s cells, though he did cover it with a bandage so it wouldn’t look like a Zetsu’s. On the other hand, Sasuke refused to have one. Instead, he preferred to stay with only one armas it was a way to atone for their sins for trying to attack the village.

Since then, Naruto has had an arm of Zetsu with Hashirama’s cells. However, in the most recent Boruto chapter, this seems to change.

Naruto’s new arm could endanger the ninja world

Naruto has received a new prosthetic arm in Boruto that could endanger the world

Naruto has received a new prosthetic arm in Boruto that could endanger the world

In this Boruto manga chapter 179we see how the head of the scientific division of the village, Katasuke, shows himself to Shikamaru and Naruto to introduce you to his latest invention: a special prosthetic arm.

The peculiarity of this new arm is that can be synchronized with the chakra of its wearer, in this case Naruto, making it feel like his real arm, the one he lost during the battle with Sasuke. This is a great feat on the part of the scientist, which he celebrates as a milestone.

However, not everything is good, since the scientist gives Kawaki another prototype of his invention. Naruto then lends her some of his chakra to keep the arm together and in good condition. And this is where the new problem arises.

Jigen he’s tracking Kawaki through the chakra signature Naruto has left on his arm this child’s prosthesis. So eventually, he will be able to find it and use it for his nefarious ends.

This means that although it is a very good invention with many positive applications, it also seems open a path of darkness for Kawaki. But it is not all, since the relationship between Naruto and his son is breaking down, because he is jealous of the relationship that he 7th Hokage has built with Kawaki.

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