Boruto: has the animated series finally become the worthy heiress of Naruto?

Broadcast every weekend on DNA, the animated series “Boruto” seems to have finally found the formula to establish itself as the worthy heir to “Naruto” of which it is the direct sequel.

Four years after its event launch, Boruto has apparently finally found the right formula. Direct sequel to Naruto, the animated series (taken from the eponymous manga published by Kana, 12 volumes available) follows the adventures of Boruto Uzumaki, ninja apprentice and son of the 7th Hokage Naruto Uzumaki.

Despite the immense popularity of the series Naruto (fourth best-selling manga of all time), the beginnings were very difficult for Boruto. Criticized for its more childish tone, the anime was also displeased due to the many filler episodes offered upon launch (name given to adventures not advancing the main story, produced for the sole purpose of not catching up with the publication of the manga. ).

It was indeed necessary to wait about forty episodes to discover a first arc called “canon”, but far from being unprecedented since it adapted the plot of the film Boruto: Naruto, the film. The many fillers in the previous series Naruto and Naruto Shippuden had already aroused the fury of fans, a situation that Boruto thus reproduced identically.

“It’s always difficult to move on after something as iconic as Naruto’s. Sequels often get bad press and fans have high expectations when their favorite character reappears in a new series.” analysis for us Vincent Dyreit, coordinator of the DNA platform.

A finding shared by Pape San, famous influencer and unconditional fan of the work by Masashi Kishimoto: “The anime problem is also its main asset at the origin, it is the sequel to a monument of manga and animation, which implies huge expectations almost immediately.”

The Naruto “paradox”

For a long time, Boruto therefore dragged a reputation unworthy of Naruto, series whose popularity is not weakening in France (the manga was the best-selling in France last year, with 1.2 million copies sold). But the dynamics have finally changed in recent weeks, thanks to the airing of several high-quality episodes.

A fan of the first hour, Pope San has also observed an evolution in the quality of the series: “The changes were long overdue but have really done the series good, the plot has taken in depth and the evolution of the characters has been felt, moreover the series has a high quality animation with Beautifully choreographed fights. What constitutes for me the biggest paradox of the Boruto anime is that it sometimes even manages to do better than its original medium! “

And Boruto now enjoys a much more positive image with viewers, she nevertheless registers as the worthy heir to Naruto ? The question certainly divides the fans, but for Vincent Dyreit, doubt is no longer allowed: “In my eyes, yes. Naruto has become the Hokage we always wanted him to be, and his relationship with his son makes sense considering he never knew his. animation, we would have dreamed of having animations like that for years! “

The animated series Boruto is offered every weekend as a simulcast broadcast on the ADN platform!