Boruto is a better character than Naruto and this is the ultimate proof that proves it

Boruto has had some great character development, surpassing Naruto.

Naruto has been one of the most emblematic that the Shonen culture has had, because it is so much so that, together with Goku, both are a great reference of anime and of this genre worldwide, being immediately recognized by anyone.

Likewise, the sequel to Naruto, which is called Boruto, is based on the son of this popular ninja that he tries to forge his own legacy and not live in the shadow and achievements of his father, because he wants to have his own unique adventure to tell the world about.

both have been truly extraordinary figures and they have had a great development that confirms it. However, Boruto is said to be best character than Naruto and this ultimate test proves it. Next, we tell you the details.

Boruto has had better character development than Naruto

Boruto has had a lot of character development over the course of his series.

Boruto has had a lot of character development over the course of his series.

to talk about boruto mention has to be made of Naruto, because this is the point for the development of this sequel, since the story of both is very similar. Father and son in their beginnings have a somewhat rebellious attitude and they go against the rules and everyone, just for a little attention.

It is known that in the case of Naruto he tried to get the attention of everyone in the village, since being the carrier of the Kyubi this was refused and almost, confined to extreme solitude for this reason, a situation that pushed him to make endless mischief and irresponsibility in order to be taken into account.

Naruto had a very sad and hard childhood.

Naruto had a very sad and hard childhood.

In the case of Boruto, he tries to get the attention of his father who already don’t share a lot of time with this little one, because being the Hokage of Konoha his schedule is very limited due to the obligations that he has to carry out when running the village. Because of this, Boruto creates a deep resentment towards his father, to the point of defying each of his orders and failing in his duty.

However, some time later a great event occurs that makes Boruto rectify, changing his rebellious attitude and personality completely.

This event occurred during the chunin exams, in which Boruto came up with the idea of ​​cheating by using scientific ninja tools, despite the fact that this was against the rules. For the sole purpose of getting his father’s attention and being recognized by this.

However, Naruto realizes that Boruto has done cheating when using such toolsand quickly reveals it to the Chunin Exam viewers, exposing Boruto’s deceit, and the betrayal he has performed to the ninja principlesWell, that’s not part of the values ​​that the Hokage has tried to instill in his children.

Naruto has disqualified Boruto upon realizing that he was using scientific ninja tools

Naruto has disqualified Boruto upon realizing that he was using scientific ninja tools

In view of this unfortunate event, Boruto had a drastic changebecause his father was very angry with him and his actions, so this young Shinobi decided to dispense with the use of these tools and train hard to show your father what he was made of and his value as a ninja, following what he dictates.

From that moment on, Boruto stopped breaking the rules and became a great example of the attitudes and personality that a future ninja should take, as he strives to achieve his purpose under his own effort, demonstrating the great development and potential that this character has had in the course of the series.

On the other hand, it is said that this character has surpassed naruto in terms of his development, because at an early age Boruto was able to understand the situation and give a big change to your attitude and personality.

Instead, his father it took quite a while achieve a significant change like the one Boruto has had, since he had to go through endless circumstances to be able to change and face his problems from another perspective older or more mature.

It should be noted that both characters, despite having similarities, their story is totally differentwell Boruto has grown under the love of a family, having everything at your disposal. But the case of Naruto was not like that, since he grew up surrounded by loneliness and without a homecarving a great way through his own ninja code, which he spread to the entire Shinobi world.