Boruto is about to overcome Naruto’s power

Boruto will surpass Naruto’s power and it’s only a matter of time

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Something that many fans did not think would happen, is finally happening and Boruto could surpass Naruto in power in a short time, as he let us see the last chapters of the manga.

Since February we know that Boruto has in his power the Jogan, other of the ocular techniques of the world of Naruto, that we know perfectly well are the most powerful among the ninjas, because they make the Chakra one more tool that does not need hand seals or melee attacks.

This technique is special because it is exclusive to King Otsustsuki, who has in his possession 100 of them. These can see the weakness of others through the chakra and for this reason they are considered extremely problematic, even for members of that same family and for the most powerful ninjas that have ever existed.

Also, with the

death of kurama

, Naruto is significantly weaker than he was before, which also leaves the balance of the ninja world in serious danger, which will need some other hope, which we know is Boruto from the first chapter of his manga and anime.

Secondly, He too

little son of naruto

He has already developed the elemental control of each of the chakra techniques, with air, fire, earth and water, something that we would of course see in other anime like Avatar, but it is something that until before had only been successfully achieved by Kakashi, the copy ninja, who is known for exactly that.