Boruto: Kawaki’s dream job with Naruto – but it’s bittersweet

In the Boruto anime, recent fillers have provided key insight into Kawaki’s upbringing in Konoha, adding mysterious context to its dark turn. He struggled against the shinobi way of life, criticizing his peers while incurring the wrath of Naruto and Shikamaru. Nevertheless, through a harrowing mission, Kawaki finally got her dream job with the Hokage, but the picture is very bitter.

After losing Mozuku during the medicine transport mission to the Land of Calm Seas, a disgruntled Kawaki was encountered by Naruto on Hokage Mountain. The leader indicated, on Shikadai’s recommendation, that Kawaki should become a genin because he is selfless and dedicated to humanity.

Naruto confirmed that Kawaki’s job would be to be his protege, accompanying him on important diplomatic missions, which left Kawaki feeling giddy inside. He always wanted to have a father like Naruto and now, after Jigen mistreated him, he has him and the perfect teacher. This will give Naruto a chance to educate him more about the code that Boruto and the rest of the Hidden Leaf teenagers abide by.

It’s easy to see Kawaki becoming more disciplined and evolving, while increasing his move list. He already uses flame techniques and shadow clones, so he could ask Naruto to tell him about the Rasengan and other tools to become the perfect blend of Sasuke and Naruto. Above all, given that he still has Jigen/Isshiki’s alien DNA in him, Kawaki might even surpass the other teenagers as his body is more powerful – which Naruto can understand given the strength he had with Kurama in him.

But while it will be heartwarming to see Kawaki as Naruto’s helper, it will also be quite tragic because the show has already predicted that, years later, an older Kawaki will destroy Konoha. He’ll destroy the village, and he’s even been seen telling Boruto that he enjoyed killing Naruto, leading fans to wonder if the flashforward villain is really Kawaki, or if he’s possessed by some force. exterior.


Either way, watching Naruto and Kawaki bond will be cruel knowing what’s about to happen, because it means Naruto will be stabbed in the back by the teenager he’s been most invested in. He showed her more love and affection than Boruto and Himawari as he knew Kawaki was at risk and in danger of being a WMD, so being betrayed by this kid will be hard to stomach.

Naruto also went against the advice of his peers, fully believing Kawaki would be a hero, so it’s going to be tough to watch them become close only to then part at the seams. Also, it won’t be easy to see Kawaki love Naruto so much, but backfire on him and the Hidden Leaf, as it implies that Kawaki is going to suffer something that shatters the concept of family he’s been looking for all his life. . Thus, he may be betrayed in the future by the Konoha-nin, fueling something monstrous within him that will ultimately prove Naruto wrong about him.