Boruto: Kurama’s death reveals Naruto’s heaviest secret – JAPANFM

Let’s dive into the recent tragic events of the Boruto anime and see how Kurama’s death reveals Naruto’s heaviest secret after the Isshiki War.

In the Naruto series, there are many villains that have really given the shinobis of Konoha and the free world of ninjas a hard time. The Uchihas, such as Itachi, Obito, and Madara, are the best examples, as are the Akatsuki and Kaguya. However, the future Hokage was always there to save the day, working with people like Sasuke, Sarada, and Kakashi to make sure the world wasn’t destroyed. In the Boruto anime, Naruto confesses his biggest secret when it comes to these activities, and it’s all due to Kurama’s death.

The Nine-Tailed Fox perished in the battle against Isshiki, and Naruto returned to the Hidden Leaf without power. His superhuman chakra no longer exists, all due to Kurama, which leads the Konoha science team to take care of him. Sarada takes matters into her own hands, as she doesn’t know the lasting effect on her longtime colleague.

Sasuke Naruto Protegent Sarada Boruto

This is not something they are used to dealing with, as a separation should have resulted in the death of the host. With this process being so different, Sarada is shocked that Naruto is alive.

It’s an air of rare vulnerability as he realizes the village is weaker than ever, given that Momoshiki took Sasuke’s Rinnegan as well. Still, Naruto’s counterparts weren’t expecting so much from him, and he clearly feels guilty for using so much of Kurama’s power and life essence over the years. Now he is in mourning, but he shouldn’t regret it because he needed this chakra to stop the bad guys.

What is most telling, however, is that Naruto feels disabled without Kurama. She made him overpowered and almost divine, as the Baryon Mode showed, surprising even the Sage of the Six Paths. This is why Naruto could create powerful clones, transfer energy to the entire alliance, create Rasengans weapons of mass destruction, and use nuclear explosions. Even other people like Momoshiki, Kinshiki, and Isshiki have felt the wave, so knowing that he doesn’t have that anymore makes Naruto fear what the future may bring.

Narutos Baryon Mode

It’s a bit ironic, as Naruto berated Boruto in ninja exams for cheating with ninja science tools and weapons. The audience was far from realizing that he felt like a cheater himself, which adds a bit of hypocrisy to the story – even though Boruto had a choice when Naruto didn’t, since Kurama had been placed in him like a vessel from birth.

Even if Naruto didn’t use the energy, once the fox was gone he would have died anyway, so it made sense to bond so they could become protectors and siblings together. Ultimately, it’s a bittersweet moment, but Naruto didn’t need to dwell on it because Kurama wanted to help him. After all, if Obito had stolen the beast for good, Kurama would have been a destroyer rather than a savior.