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Throughout Boruto: Naruto Next Generations we saw how the son of seventh hokage star in their own adventures. But this did not mean that her father stayed behind the scenes. In fact he gave us many very good fights in the company of Sasuke. However, his appearance in this sequel already took its toll on him and left him without two of his most powerful attacks.

who follow the manga Boruto they will have realized that Naruto is currently weaker than he was in his own series. This is mainly because of the painful loss of kuramawhich considerably weakened his most powerful attacks: chakra mode and shadow clone jutsu.

The baryon-mode It was a very powerful technique that Naruto must have used in his fight against isshiki okutsuki. Although he gave her what it takes to match his rival, it was also the cause of Kurama’s death. Without the power of the nine-tailed fox, the ninja’s abilities were greatly affected.

Naruto in chakra mode, one of his most powerful attacks
Source: Pierrot

For a start no longer able to activate chakra mode that got him out of so many troubles in his own series. As if that were not enough, one of his most used jutsus no longer has the same impact as before, the shadow clone jutsu. Without the immense chakra of kuramaNaruto is not that effective when using it.

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Of course he can still use it as he is a ninja with a lot of skill, he is not the 7th hokage for nothing. The bad thing is that he can only create between 3 and 4 clones, while with Kurama’s power he could copy himself up to more than 1000 times. We’ll see how it is Naruto you will be able to overcome your next battles in Boruto without the use of his most powerful attacks.

Why did they decide to take away his most powerful attacks from Naruto?

Only the authors of Boruto know for sure why their most powerful attacks were taken away from Naruto, but we have a theory why. It may be a way to gradually focus the spotlight on your child. For him to be the new great hero of the ninja world.

They may have taken away his strongest attacks from Naruto so as not to make his son look bad
Source: Pierrot

Maybe we start with Naruto as the familiar face that brings its fans to this new adventure. They gave him certain moments to show off, but it is time to put it aside a little. Although this may not please the fans, the story is already Boruto and not his father. It doesn’t make sense to have a character much more powerful than its protagonist at this point. Do you think our theory is true? Tell us in the comments.

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