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The sleeve of Boruto recently released its 67th chapterwhich had been too longed for by fans since the previous episode ended with the heartbreaking image of the Seventh Hokage shouting the name of his son who was lying dead on the ground, but did Naruto’s son really die?

In the previous chapter, Kawaki ended up killing Boruto by making a huge hole in his torso that left him dying. This was due to the risk that the young shinobi represented as Momoshiki’s vessel, since it was increasingly difficult for him to control the power of the Ōtsutsuki, a fact that endangered the life of his father.

Faced with this situation, a totally bewildered Naruto and out of himself simply could not believe what had happened. However, as Kawaki dealt with Code, and Shikamaru tried to revive Naruto so they would join Kawaki in the fight, Perhaps the most expected happens, but it ends up revealing a very important detail about the Hokage’s son.

You won’t believe what happened to Boruto | Photo: Shueisha

That’s right, Boruto doesn’t die, he suddenly revives without any hole in his torso and quite recovered but how did it happen? It turns out that in the almost last seconds of his life, Momoshiki’s materialized soul appeared before the young blond ninja, as he was forced to make an unusually noble sacrifice to save his life.

As if Boruto Had he died, Momoshiki would have lost his only vessel for resurrection, which is, or rather was the true purpose of Karma. This is why Momoshiki had to use the final part of his soul that had not been “downloaded” into Bortuo to repair his heart and lungs that had been punctured by Kawaki.

Although in any case the result ends up not favoring Ōtsutsuki so much, although neither does Boruto. With this, Naruto’s son will no longer live with the threat of being possessed by Momoshiki at some point in his life, and best of all, he still retains all the power of the villain; However, Boruto is now completely Otsusuki, that is to say that he is no longer human, a fact that will mark him forever and sign him as a very viable sacrifice for the Ten Tails.

What did you think of chapter 67 of the manga by Boruto? Did you expect something like this to happen to Naruto’s son?


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