Boruto: Naruto Next Generations faces the most important ‘death’ in its history

This article contains spoilers for Chapter 66 of the Boruto manga. Do not continue reading if you are not up to date.

Naruto fans are currently devouring their nails. And rightly so, because manga number 66 has been responsible for one of the most important possible deaths of the entire history of fiction, not just of Boruto, but also of Naruto as a whole. The story with the son of one of the most powerful members of the Hidden Leaf Village is going through one of the hardest processes he has ever faced: having to die and then revive and free himself from the terrible curse of the essence. from Momoshiki Otsutsuki.

Boruto on the verge of a nervous breakdown

Naruto’s family does not seem to get rid of possessions, because even this young man carries with him something that invades his body and leaves his soul apart. In chapter 66, we can see a match between Hidden Leaf and the second wave of Kara, while Boruto’s body is possessed again by that aforementioned Otsutsuki, who is desperately looking for Naruto. Kawaki, that brother of Boruto, tries to free him from his possession, but the result leads to having to make a hole in his chest and, to put it directly, kill Boruto so that the essence is eliminated and he can be reborn pure.

It is a process that currently has the fans totally impressed, because that means that we will be facing the death of the absolute protagonist of the anime and manga. Logically, the process that would be followed here is the same that we have already seen in other fictions such as Harry Potter, where the young man played by Daniel Radcliffe he had to die in order to later finish off Voldemort. Let’s say it’s a similar process, because that way Boruto would be freed.

It is evident that Boruto should survive this because otherwise the future of the anime is doomed, but of course we don’t know under what conditions that will be or how Naruto and his companions will be able to help the boy. Boruto is currently at a point, as you may have seen, that puts the fiction on the tightrope. We will see how this is solved and if something similar to the “absolute” healing or the resurrection of the character is finally used so that the character is no longer cursed. You already understood us.

What do we think?

Clearly, in our opinion It is a strategy, let’s say, desperate to keep Naruto fans hooked and have reasons to continue watching or consuming the series in some way. And the fact is that there are already a large number of anime that have their years and must seek strategies, whatever they may be, so that viewers continue to have an interest in seeing everything evolve. Boruto will need something more than this, honestly, because if the result is as obvious as the one we have told you about, it could even subtract points.

What did you think of this script twist? Do you expect it?