Boruto never existed and it was a dream? Learn about the crazy Naruto theory that breaks the Internet

A theory on the Internet indicates that Naruto is still dreaming of Madara’s Infinite Tsukoyomi…

The fans of Naruto are in ecstasy, after a theory born from TikTok It will revolutionize the Internet and excite many of the fans. The theory is extreme and would mean completely eliminating the entire saga of boruto.

The theory can be seen on different social networks accompanied by a video where we see Kurama talking to Naruto to wake him up from his long sleep. Next to him, we can see Madara Uchiha tell the hero of the blade “so this is your dream, Naruto Uzumaki”.

In this way, Naruto never beat Madara and is trapped in the infinite tsukoyomi, and all the events of Boruto only occur in the head of the protagonist.

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This would explain why the leaf village is so different in Boruto. And it seems that the nation prospered without problems, most of the missions are less dangerous than those we saw in Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. But not only that, and it is that Naruto himself is living the life with the family that he always dreamed of, along with a wife and two children.

It would certainly be a radical change. Although some fans find it absurd and prefer not to get excited, there are others who are excited at the possibility of eliminate Borutoreturn naruto shippuden and have a new fight against Madara.

These rumors come on the right date, since it was confirmed that Naruto will have news in the next Jump Party 23, the last event of this year and where the main franchises announce news and keep fans updated.

Is Boruto all a dream and the work of Naruto’s mind?