Boruto: The 10 Most One-sided Fights So Far, Ranked

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is the sequel to the series Naruto scored by Masashi Kishimoto. Follow the story of Boruto Uzumaki, Naruto’s son, who aims to become a fantastic ninja without following in his father’s footsteps. Boruto wants to become his own person and aspires to be as great a ninja as Sasuke Uchiha.

Like Boruto himself, there are countless other highly talented ninjas in history and some whose powers can only be matched by the Otsutsuki. These skilled characters often finish their matches in an instant, making them an extremely one-sided, yet intriguing affair.

10 Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha couldn’t handle Jigen

Naruto and Sasuke combined once again to take down Jigen, the leader of Kara, shortly after the fall of Momoshiki Otsutsuki. Although the two of them tried their best, Jigen was simply too powerful for them. Even using abilities like the Six Paths Sage Mode and the power of the Rinnegan, the fight was a one-sided affair and ended in Jigen’s favor, with Sasuke fleeing back to earth and Naruto being sealed.

9 Kawaki Vs. Garo was quickly finished by the firstboruto las 10 peleas mas unilaterales hasta ahora clasificadas 1

Kawaki’s introduction to the story was soon met by Garo’s introduction, who was there to bring him back to Jigen. The two had a rivalry that stretched back a long time, when Kawaki blew Garo’s jaw off in a fight. Being weakened, Kawaki wasn’t able to finish his fight as soon as he wanted, but he still managed to gain the upper hand quite easily. Using a part of his power, Kawaki killed Garo without too much trouble.

8 Konohamaru Sarutobi took a big beating against Kashin Kojiboruto las 10 peleas mas unilaterales hasta ahora clasificadas 2

Shortly after Ao’s defeat, Kashin Koji announced himself to Team 7 and used a Ninjutsu of Paralysis to seal off all of the group’s movements. Intelligent as he is, Konohamaru displayed his ability with Fuinjutsu to undo the seal and engaged him in a short-lived match. Despite being quite strong, Konohamaru was completely outmatched in both skill and experience. Kashin Koji managed to defeat him without even breaking a sweat.

7 Kinshiki and Momoshiki Otsutsuki did a quick job with the killer beeboruto las 10 peleas mas unilaterales hasta ahora clasificadas 3

When Kinshiki and Momoshiki Otsutsuki arrived on Earth, their first target was not Naruto, but the Eight-Tailed Jinchuriki, Killer Bee. Putting their gaze on him, the two of them fought him in a very short fight that ended in their favor.

Bee was completely defeated within minutes by the villain duo. Most of his chakra was stolen by Momoshiki Otsutsuki. Fortunately, he managed to survive using Gyuki’s replacement ninjutsu.

6 Ao had no mercy on Mujino when they clashedboruto las 10 peleas mas unilaterales hasta ahora clasificadas 4

When the airship carrying Kawaki crashed in Tierra del Fuego, Mujino was dispatched to take a look at the situation and resolve it. Unfortunately for him, he faced Ao, a former Jonin from Kirigakure. Ao was enhanced with the Scientific Ninja Tools and possessed much greater power than Mujino. Even though Konohamaru Sarutobi and Team 7 managed to get there, Mujino died in combat too easily and was unable to put up any kind of fight against Ao.

5 Kawaki could never match Jigen’s skills in combatboruto las 10 peleas mas unilaterales hasta ahora clasificadas 5

Immediately after Jigen bought Kawaki, he began training him to make him stronger. He did it using cruel methods and beating him all the time. With hatred growing inside Kawaki, Kawaki tried his best to face Jigen in battle growing up, but failed each time. Even though Jigen never used his full power in combat, he was able to take on Kawaki too easily even though the latter was much stronger than the Kara Outers.

4 Sarada knocked Tarui down in the blink of an eyeboruto las 10 peleas mas unilaterales hasta ahora clasificadas 6

Sarada Uchiha faced Tarui in the Chunin Exams, and this was possibly the easiest match she has encountered thus far. Even though Tarui was hailed as a strong Kumogakure ninja, she was no match for Sarada Uchiha.

In fact, the young Uchiha was so powerful that she was able to end the match with a single blow she struck within three seconds of starting the fight. Without a doubt, this fight was a completely one-sided match.

3 Kashin Koji eliminated Victor with minimal effortboruto las 10 peleas mas unilaterales hasta ahora clasificadas 7

The Kara were introduced to Boruto shortly after Momoshiki Otsutsuki’s death. Right after his introduction, Kashin Koji was seen engaging Victor in combat, and he managed to take care of him effortlessly. Even though Victor was an insider and someone who possessed incredible power of regeneration, the flames of Koji’s true samadhi were too powerful for him, and he was burned to death in a matter of seconds.

2 Momoshiki Otsutsuki knocked out Hinata Hyuga in an instantboruto las 10 peleas mas unilaterales hasta ahora clasificadas 8

After Naruto Uzumaki surrendered to the invaders Momoshiki and Kinshiki, Hinata Hyuga decided to pursue them for as long as she could and engaged them in battle. Unfortunately, the two were too strong for her and she was defeated, probably in a matter of seconds. Consequently, Hinata was knocked out and hospitalized. Sakura Haruno managed to heal her as well as possible shortly after.

1 Naruto Uzumaki took down Gekko too easilyboruto las 10 peleas mas unilaterales hasta ahora clasificadas 9

Gekko was the leader of the Byakuya Gang who deceived his people and used them to seize the Scientific Ninja Tools of Konohagakure. Just when Gekko thought he had managed to escape and tricked Konohagakure, Naruto flew past him at breakneck speed and knocked him down in one fell swoop, using the power of the Six Paths Sage Mode. As expected, the combat was completely one-sided and Gekko probably couldn’t even move due to the Seventh Hokage’s fearsome aura.