Boruto: this big mistake about Sasuke in the last episode drove the fans crazy

Last month, fans of the universe of narutoimagined by Masashi Kishimotolearned that the next arc of the anime Boruto: Naruto Next Generations was going to adapt the story of Sasuke Retsuden (Sasuke’s Novel in VF). A new arc that debuted only a few days ago, with an episode that drew strong reactions from fans. fansafter some noticed a mistake in particular concerning Sasuke Uchiwa.

DISCLAIMER: This article contains spoilers for episode 282 of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime, if you’re going to watch it, look no further.

a mistake as fleeting as it is major

On January 8, 2023, fans of Boruto were able to discover the new episode of the anime, entitled “Le Roman de Sasuke: Infiltration”. The story takes us alongside Sasuke, who recalls a trip he made near the border of the Land of Redaku, as he searched for a cure that would allow Naruto to heal. Indeed, the latter suffered from a strange disease, of which the hermit Rikudo would also have been a victim in the past. Archives would thus have revealed that Rikudo would have gone to Redaku for his convalescence, in particular at the Institute of Research in Astronomy.

As Kakashi left for the village of Nagare, the capital of the Redaku Kingdom, to find clues there, Sasuke will decide to explore another track on his side, thus leading him to go to the Institute of Astronomy. However, the establishment now serves as a penitentiary for the country’s criminals. Sasuke will then manage to infiltrate the prison as an inmate, with the aim of finding archives that Rikudo would have left there after having stayed there.

So all of this brings us to the fateful moment, when Sasuke will suddenly be attacked by other prisoners. Unsurprisingly, the member of the Uchiha clan will easily knock down his opponents. And it was precisely during this sequence that (really) very observant fans were able to notice an error that had slipped in. Indeed, at 8:28, as the guards approach Sasuke, we can see a zoom on the latter, where we can very briefly observe that the character has both arms.

Ptdr Sasuke was not supposed to have lost his arm in front of Naruto???

Nah the Boruto anime is too much…

January 11, 2023

An error all the more troubling that during the entire episode, we can see that Sasuke only has one arm. Because as a reminder, Sasuke and Naruto had both lost an arm after their final fight in the Valley of the End in Naruto Shippuden. But while Naruto was granted a new artificial arm designed by Konoha’s medical team, Sasuke will decide to refuse this prosthesis, in order to keep this wound as a symbol of his penance.

Sasuke Story: Stealth

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