Boruto winks at one of Naruto’s fan-favorite themes – and it’s sickly, in a good way.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 223, “Inojin vs. Houki”, now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Although the anime and manga of Naruto They focused a lot on the impressive action sequences of the various shinobi wars, one of the most fascinating aspects was the franchise’s knack for horror. This was seen with characters like Orochimaru and Kabuto in their vile experiments, and now, with the fillers from the anime ofBoruto, that surprising aspect of Konoha returns in a very sick form.

Horror is rarely associated with the adventures of the Hidden Blade, but it was an important part of Orochimaru’s character. Whether he melted in various ways, had many pots, or turned into a snake hybrid, Orochimaru scared people. It was also the case with Kabuto, who became a snake-ninja, working on perfecting his monstrous form and resurrecting others through Frankenstein-like science projects.

Elements of terror appeared even with the Zetsu twins, as they turned into a slimy substance that clung to people like parasites, informing the Akatsuki and ultimately Kaguya. These creatures added a unique touch to the series, reminding fans of Naruto that the Japanese creative sector likes to plunge into awe and fear of terror quite often.

This essence is evoked once again when the anime of Boruto continue with the new Chūnin exam. As Houki fights Inojin, the latter sets a trap for him to start his mind transfer jutsu. Once he lures Houki in, Inojin performs the move, sending his mind to his masked opponent, which aims to break Houki and make him submit as he would no longer be in control of his body.

However, on the mental plane of Houki’s mind, as Inojin’s spirit tries to gloat, he sees Houki’s form turn into a gigantic, sticky golem. It’s a scene straight out of the sadistic minds of horror masters like Clive Barker, John Carpenter, and Wes Craven when the golem opens its mouth wide. Inojin freezes in fear as he eats it in a creepy, graphic sequence.

boruto hace un guino a uno de los temas favoritos de los fans de naruto y es enfermizo en el buen sentido 1

Inojin wakes up in the real world, breathing rapidly and unable to move, with Houki now behind him and holding a kunai around his neck. Houki achieves victory by reversing the jutsu by breaking Inojin’s mind, all thanks to the special mental blocks he trained with during his stay with Sai and the ANBU special operations team.

Being a black ops ninja, Houki can’t afford to be interrogated and have his mind stolen on missions, so he has learned to create brain-eaters for such testers. Definitely the fans de Boruto they were stunned, as the exams are quite country and comical, which leaves hope that they will recover more from these terrifying moments, as they made the stories of Naruto they were quite intimidating and entertaining. It would also remind Boruto and the young ninja generation how dark things can get, hardening them like Naruto, Sasuke, and Sarada back in the day.