Boruto’s new villain is much more dangerous than any you’ve seen in Naruto

Amado Sanzu has proven to be the worst kind of villain that can exist.

Boruto has had a large number of villains, despite the fact that it has few chapters and this sequel has had the opportunity to show various antagonists that they have changed the course of the plotsince the level of evil of these characters is very high, taking things to another level.

The villains that this series has had have become the same or worse than those of Narutosince their motivations are totally different from those seen in the original work, since, in this sequel, they have focused on the total destruction of the Shinobi world.

Likewise, the most recent chapters of Boruto have been revealing some of the biggest secrets that the franchise has had, since a new new Jutsu with the Power of a God and it has also been shown that the new villain of this series is far more dangerous than any ever seen in Naruto, this being a clear indication of the evil of this character. Next, we tell you the details.

This post Contains spoilers from chapter #75 of the Boruto manga.

This villain has proven to be more dangerous than anyone ever seen.

Beloved has proven to be more dangerous than any other villain seen in this franchise.

Beloved has proven to be more dangerous than any other villain seen in this franchise.

Some of Boruto’s villains have proven to be very dangerous, as their personal motivations have led them to break the limits of the established in order to fulfill their purpose, revealing the index of evil that they possess, as was the case with Momoshiki and Isshiki Otsutsuki, since both took the concept of malice to another level.

During the development of this series, a large number of villains have been shown that have put Boruto and friends in trouble, since they have caused great chaos with the events that have taken place. However, the new antagonist of this work has shown to be much more dangerous than anyone seen in Naruto.

The chapter #75 of the mangahas shown how the new villain of Boruto is the most deplorable and dangerous of the franchise, since in this episode they have revealed some details of the mysterious past of Amado Sanzu and the motivations that led him to commit atrocities and work for the Kara group.

The meeting that Amado has had with Naruto, Shikamaru and the others to explain in greater detail the scope of Eida and Daemon’s abilities, this villain has also revealed the reason why he has committed countless crimes and aided antagonists very dangerous like Jigen, because this technologist has been obsessed with resuscitating his daughter who died 12 years ago from an incurable disease.

Amado will do anything to resurrect his daughter

Amado will do anything to resurrect his daughter

This event caused a great commotion in Amado who obsessed with bringing his daughter back to lifereason for which he decided to ally with Jigen, since he promised to resurrect Akebi, after completing his purpose, this was an offer that the technologist could not refuse, so he got down to work and helped this villain to carry out your plan.

In order to carry out Jigen’s wishes, Beloved, he performed countless experiments with children that were bought to determine what would be the perfect vessel for the resurrection of Isshiki Otsutsuki, demonstrating that he is an extremely despicable being when carrying out such actions, since having lost his daughter does not justify these embarrassing acts.

Amado experimented on many children to carry out Jigen's plan.

Amado experimented on many children to carry out Jigen’s plan.

With these actions, Amado has proven to be the most deplorable and dangerous villain that anyone who has seen Naruto, since despite all the crimes he has committed, has not shown an ounce of regret or remorse for causing these children so much pain while experimenting on them.

On the other hand, the motivation and the desire to bring back his daughter do not justify such actions, since this attitude is from a human being. extremely evil and dangerouscapable of doing anything to achieve his goals.

It’s known that Beloved still keeps some secretsWell, during this meeting with the Konoha commanders, has not disclosed exactly all the information that he owns. In addition, he has declared that he will continue to do everything possible to resurrect his daughter, so you have to be very careful with this subject and his ambitions.