Can Boruto become more powerful than Naruto? ⋆ JAPANFM

In their prime, few could claim to be more powerful than Naruto. However, soon after the birth of her son Boruto, the inevitable question of which Uzumaki is more powerful began to surface. As with many father-to-son superhero comparisons, the answer relates less to pure power levels and more to experience of using the power.

To understand if Boruto can become more powerful than his father, some context is needed. Naruto’s rise to become the Seventh Hokage of Konohagakure Village has been nothing short of impressive. One of the main reasons for this is that he is a jinchuriki, that is, someone who is possessed by the spirit and energy of a “tailed beast”. This gives Naruto an immense amount of chakra, the energetic force that ninjas need to perform the most advanced forms of fighting techniques known as jutsu. Orphaned and rejected by others as a child, Naruto had to learn to use his abilities on his own until he was accepted into the prestigious Ninja Academy in the village. His success at the Academy, despite his inferior status, demonstrated his immense will to succeed, in the face of such high obstacles.

Comparatively, Boruto’s upbringing was much more comfortable but guided than his father’s. First, there is the fact that his parents were alive and closely linked to his upbringing. There is also the fact that his father was the chief of the village and widely regarded as the most powerful ninja of his generation. Of course, unlike his father, he was wanted rather than fled. Second, because his parents were very gifted ninjas themselves, Borutu was introduced to his skills from an early age and trained to use them. For his entry to the Academy, he did not have to prove that he had to be accepted, his acceptance was acquired. In addition, at the Academy, he has access to the most competent teachers, like his mentor Sasuke Uchiha, the only ninja considered equal or superior to his father. But most importantly, Boruto benefits from the wisdom of his elders. Whether it was directly, through his father’s guidance, or indirectly, through just being close to everyday ninja excellence, it gave him a better understanding of how to use his power to the fullest.

When it comes to power levels, each has a skill set that makes them comparable to the other. Although both are above average ninja fighters. Their secret weapons are their chakra-based skills. Naruto’s powers are enhanced by the tail of the beast that is inside, and it is impossible to stop him in sage mode. Although Boruto is not possessed by a “tailed beast,” he inherited the unique genetic mutation of the Hyuga clan from his mother. This allows him to manifest special Dojutsu skills, including the almighty Jogan and, potentially, X-ray vision like Byakugan. In addition, while trying to save his father, a special Kama seal was engraved on his palm. This gives it the ability to siphon the chakra from anyone it touches.

So, can Boruto become more powerful than Naruto? The answer is most likely yes. In terms of power, the two are comparable, with a slight advantage for Naruto. The difference is in the unique environment in which Boruto grew up. This allowed him to become a more cerebral, more down to earth, and mentally stronger warrior than his father. Combined with his other abilities, the question is not if, but rather when Boruto will become more powerful than Naruto.