Chainsaw Man already has his perfect cosplay for Denji

This Denji cosplay shows his most interesting side.

chainsaw mandefinitely, has become the most popular new anime series from the fall 2022 anime season. Based on the manga series written and illustrated by Tatsuki Fujimoto, the first part was published in Shueisha’s Shukan Shonen Jump from December 3, 2018 to December 2020; later, the second part of the manga was published in Shonen Jump + (an online magazine) from July 13, 2022. And, despite the fact that the official announcement of its adaptation was in December 2020, the premiere, in MAPPA’s hands arrived on October 11, 2022.

This anime whose story takes place in a universe where demons arise from human fearsThese entities are evil and dangerous and their power will be proportional to the fear concentrated in the collective consciousness. So the humans specialized in hunting have it in their hands to break this cycle of life between Earth and Hell.

Thanks to the demon hunters have made their own prestige In the world of Chainsaw Man, there are characters, like Denji, who along with their companions have had to adapt to the circumstances and save humanity from the clutches of evil.


After the last episode in which one of Chainsaw Man’s most curious dreams came true -who fought hard to keep a roof over his head, eat well and have a normal life- became one of the most memorable moments for fans for a simple reason.

Denji is a young man who tries to survive the designs of destiny. once he inherits the terrible debt to the Yakuza that murdered his father long ago. However, when the protagonist is betrayed by the mafia -influenced by the Zombie Devil-, he decides to merge with his cute pet Pochita in an attempt to pay off the debt, who is the Chainsaw Devil himself. From there came the great hero that we see today in the adaptation.

And while things move at their own admittedly fast pace compared to the manga, we see Denji recruited by the baffling manipulator known as Makima with a single goal: finish off the Devil of the Gun and put an end to the evils that stalk the universe, becoming a demon hunter for Public Safety…as well as gaining allies in battle in the forms of Power and Aki.

Chainsaw Denji comes to real life with this incredible cosplay

in appearance, Denji is a teenager with blonde hair and a bit disheveled.He has brown eyes and his expression makes him look tired, however, one of his most prominent physical aspects is his teeth, which are quite sharp and angular. Even due to the malnutrition he suffered from at a young age, Denji has a very slim build that reveals his ribs. And, although he initially did not have his right eye, after merging his heart with Pochita, recovered it, in addition to other lost organs. But, curiously, a chainsaw cord appeared in the middle of his chest that he normally covers with his standard Public Security Demon Hunter uniform.

Thanks to the fact that the protagonist of the anime series has a unique image and that during the last chapter it became an important moment for his fans, some of them have decided to pay tribute to Denjidoing an amazing job.

Recently a Twitter cosplayer, known as Wiru_Sonshared a great cosplay that almost perfectly portrays Denji, including his remarkable teeth and all his clothing, as we explained, after the last episode in which Makima made a promise to the protagonist if he achieved his goal. and eliminated the Pistol Devil, one of the greatest threats to humanity. You can see it below:


Original Denji Cosplay post.

Namely, Chainsaw Man’s first season will only have a dozen episodes, which translates to basically half of the initial season which brought Denji and other fellow demon slayers with it. Perhaps there are only a few episodes left, but very important events are coming for the characters of the adaptation and, surely, there is still much more to explore in the story of the young man later… if MAPPA decides to extend the plot.