Cosplay artist fuses Naruto’s Sexy Jutsu with Hinata Hyuga

Although Naruto has many powerful jutsu in its toolbox, the first is still one of the most memorable, and only served as inspiration for a new one. cosplay amazing.

Given the incredible popularity of the series, it’s no wonder it inspires so many cosplay artists. The wide cast of characters in the serie de anime shonen, has inspired countless fans, and one just showed their appreciation for the series with a lot of creativity.

While most are developed to be used in the epic fights of the series, the most infamous technique of the protagonist is the Jutsu Sexy. In fact, The Truth News reported earlier that another artist recreated the Kazekage Gaara wearing the Sexy Justu.

Cosplay fuses female Naruto with Hinata Hyuga

Photo: Akoamy_Cosplay on Instagram

In a photoshoot, cosplay artist Akoamy_Cosplay shared his interpretation of the technique. The image, taken by cosplay photographer Nekolife, shows Akoamy head-on looking confidently at the viewer.

Although cosplay is undoubtedly a version of the Sexy Jutsu, Akoamy added more than a few of her own touches to really make it stand out. The fishnet blouse is instantly reminiscent of your eventual wife’s. Given that Hinata Hyuga he wore the same ninja blouse under his jacket.

The headband around the neck also looks like a clear nod to Hinata. All of this comes together to make cosplay something really special. The fact that this cosplay artist was able to honor two characters in such a subtle and fun way is a testament to the creativity that goes into the art form.

Although Sexy Jutsu is never seen like this in the actual series, it is not difficult to imagine the protagonist creating something like this in his later years. It may be the Seventh Hokage in the Boruto anime and a family man, but there will always be a bit of immaturity in him.

What is Sexy Jutsu?

The Sexy Jutsu was created by Naruto Uzumaki and sees him transform into a naked woman with clouds that provide convenient coverage. The boy used this technique as a distraction throughout the first half of the manga, even repeating it using his Shadow Clones to make the technique even more effective.

Given the deliberately raunchy nature of the technique, it’s no surprise that this transformation is a favorite subject for cosplay artists. However, Akoamy’s cosplay perfectly shows this side of the character while also providing something totally original. Meanwhile you can watch Naruto anime on Crunchyroll.

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