Cosplayer performs a beautiful body paint version of Naruto Shippuden | Spaghetti Code

anime series Naruto is one of the most popular to date and currently follows the lives of new generation ninjas with Boruto, but fans perfectly remember everything the character had to go through to become a Hokage, but some remember when she used to become a girl with the sexy jutsu.

This jutsu consisted of Naruto became a girl, in order to cause mischief in his early years at the Ninja Academy, as well as being useful against some villains to mislead them and give them what they deserve, but a cosplayer Spanish made a version of this character that you will love.

Through Instagram, Yaiza Pérez shared her interpretation of Naruto at the time of Shippudenbut with the style body paint, however, it seems that has activated the sexy jutsu, since he has managed to change himself for a girl. It should be remembered that when Naruto became a girl, two pigtails of blonde hair came out of her head, while she kept her orange and black ninja suit.

Meanwhile, he also kept the whiskers on his face, which make a clear reference to the fact that he possessed the power of Kurama, the Nine-Tailed Fox that was locked inside him and that was put there after an invasion of the Kyuubi to Konoha.

According to the cosplayer, it is the first time that he does the character of Naruto, despite having made some others characters of the series, but it is a fact that you have done a good job and it has been perfectly, so even fans might ask him to teach them the sexy jutsu. Like Naruto once did with Konohamaru. Did you like this version of Naruto?


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