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Although the anime series of Naruto shippuden ended a few years ago, some of the characters are still valid and it is thanks to the new generation of ninjas in Boruto, you can see an adult version of Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, among others. While in this new series you can see some scenes from the past of these very beloved characters.

Given this, a cosplayer performed an interpretation of Naruto during the time of Shippuden, a classic of the genre Shonen, but what will catch your attention is that it is a female version of the character, so it is certain that she used the Sexy Jutsu to become a young lady.

Naruto ready to distract the bad guys

Through Instagram, the cosplayer rusa Tenevi Hagane managed to disguise himself as Naruto in his adolescent version, however, he gave this character a feminine touch Without losing the touch of the outfit that the ninja wore at that time, such as the orange suit with black, but instead of pants of that color, the artist decided to wear black leggings.

Source: Instagram @tenevi_hagane

In the other photographs, it is observed how a little smoke or dust comes out, which means that Naruto I use Sexy Jutsu to distract enemies, while wearing his orange and black sweatshirt, with dark shorts and socks that reach above the knee, at the same time that the band of the Leaf Village changes place, that is, it is no longer on his forehead, but above his head.

Source: Instagram @tenevi_hagane

This is a very faithful representation of Naruto shippuden, since he respects the representative colors of the character such as wearing orange clothes that match his yellow hair and it fits him very well, so in this way he pays tribute to one of the fan-favorite anime. How about this version of Naruto shippuden?


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