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Naruto DVD – Box #3 to #9

The most famous ninja of the Hidden Leaf Village continues his adventures with his companions. Along these lines we will analyze from the third to the ninth box of the DVD edition of Naruto what brings us Select Vision. These contain episodes from 51 to 220 of the series, both included.


Recall that the second pack ended after the epic battle between Gaara Y Rock Lee within the prior to the final phase for the examination of chuunin. Next, we will try to review some of the key points of the series without going into too many details in case someone hasn’t seen the anime or read the manga yet.

New teacher, new lessons

So, here we continue with the preliminaries and, once finished, it is decided that the qualified participants for the final phase take a month off. It is during this pause that he makes his presentation one of the most beloved characters of Naruto. One that will have a great impact on the growth of the young ninja, both in his training as a warrior, and in his life. Is about Jiraiyaone of the legendary Sannin who was trained by Hiruzen Sarutobithe third hokage. Jiraiya will teach Naruto valuable lessons and many of the techniques that will become part of the repertoire of the young ninja.


After that, it is time to hold the final phase of the examination of chuuninwhich takes place in the Hidden Leaf Village and to which all the kage of the different ninja villages. this is where Studio Pierrot did a again big show as far as animation is concernedshowing impressive combat and adapting in an incredible way what could be read in the pages of the manga of Masashi Kishimoto.

In addition, the tournament also serves to delve deeper into the personality of many of the secondary characters of Naruto. This is the case of Nejiwho finally show us what he suffered in the past and how that affected his way of being, or Shikamaru, who continues to show what a great strategist he is despite being the laziest person in the world. It could be said that the arc of the examination of chuunin sat down the foundations of everything we would see later.

Statement of intents

In fact, the end of the tournament also serves to make clear the intentions of Orochimaru when he decides to destroy the Hidden Leaf Village using to Gaara and kidnapping the third hokage thanks to the help of Four of Sound. Also, during the ninja’s pursuit of the Sandwe see how trust in Shikamaru to lead a team begins to grow on the part of the Jounin of the Sheet.


This mess ends up leading to a whole carousel of very spectacular combats and full of feelingwhich end with two of the most epic moments in all of anime: the end of the confrontation between Naruto Y Gaaraas well as the outcome of the combat between Orochimaru and the third hokage.

After these events, there is also the first appearance of Akatsuki, something that will also be key to the development of the entire series. no longer just of Narutobut also of naruto shippuden. This leads to the return of Itachi Uchiha and, consequently, to a greater suffering of Sasuke, his little brother, being unable to fulfill his mission to avenge his clan. This, in the long run, will end up pushing the youngest of the Uchiha a make a drastic decision that will change your life and that of those around you. But hey, there’s still some time for that.


Shortly after, another character also makes an appearance that will end up decisively influencing the growth of another of the members of team 7. It is about Tsunadethe last member of the legendary three Sannin that remained to be presented. This will eventually end up becoming the Fifth Hokagethus being the first woman to obtain the title in the entire history of the Hidden Leaf Village.

One time Naruto Y Jiraiya they return with Tsunade to the village, Studio Pierrot he lets us go first filler mini-arc from the series: the mission in the country of tea. This is made up of just five episodes, but it would be a preview of what was to come shortly.

a bitter decision

At this moment is when we arrive at one of the events that will mark the future of Sasuke and the series in general. It is about the decision he makes to run away together with Orochimaru in search of a greater power together in order to end the life of his brother. This arc brings us back to the Four of Soundsince they are the ones who end up convincing the young Uchiha and those who take him inside a barrel hoping that his Cursed Seal reach a new level.


To try to reason with Sasuke, Tsunade decides to send a rescue team to bring him back, which is made up of Shikamaru (who is now chuunin), Naruto, Neji, choji Y kiba. This will once again make us witness some brutal fighting and will also lead to the presentation of Kimimaro, another well-liked character despite his rare appearance in the work. Also, this is when the return of Rock Lee after recovering from his injuries, as well as the appearance of Gaara, Kankuro Y Temari to help the ninjas of the Sheet forging an important alliance which will continue for the rest of the series.

But the culminating moment of this arc is the Final combat Come in Sasuke Y Naruto. It shows the respect and admiration that they end up professing to each other despite the initial tensions of the series and despite the fact that their paths will go along totally different and contradictory paths.


And this is when we come to the moment that once ended for despair to all those who followed the adventures of Naruto through the anime. This is the famous and endless filler that made the series begin to be known as plump. The fact is that it was clear that at some point Studio Pierrot I would have to make the decision to include original arcs to allow time for the manga to continue to develop further, but no one ever thought that the filler would be long from episode 136 to 220.


This led to a total of 16 new missions that really they did not add anything to the main plot and that they separated Sasuke from the series to naruto shippuden. In fact, during these arcs the drawing suffered quite as far as its quality is concerned, giving the feeling that the studio was dedicated to releasing a weekly episode out of sheer inertia and with genuine reluctance.

Thus, of the nine packs that this edition of Naruto what brings us Select Vision, the last three and a half are pure filler. Mind you, that’s something any fan of Naruto I already knew before embarking on this new adventure.


Now these original missions they’re nicer to look at now than back in the day, since we currently do not have the desire to see how the story continues and they are enjoyed in another way. Unless someone is seeing it for the first time and hasn’t read the manga either, of course.

The edition

All these boxes Naruto on DVD maintain the same design and features as the first two. That is, it is about cardboard boxes embellished with illustrations very beautiful in whose interior they are three slim box. In addition, among all the boxes a drawing is formed in which you can see the main protagonists of the series, as well as some of the secondary characters that appear in it.

Regarding the number of discs, each pack includes a total of five, except for the last one, which only contains four. In addition, inside each of the slim boxes there is a short summary of each of the episodes it contains.


Moving on to the technical specifications, the edition includes audio both in Spanish as in his japanese original versionboth in Dolby Digital 2.0. We will also have the possibility to put Spanish subtitles. The screen format is 4:3which is the one used when the anime first aired.

In addition, this edition is full and uncensoredthus differentiating itself from the episodes that were broadcast on television in its day.

Wow yes!

Ultimately, it is appreciated that Select Vision will be encouraged to bring us back the adventures of one of the most famous ninjas that the world of manga and anime has given. Like all works and series, Naruto has its fans and its detractors, but there is no doubt that we are facing one of the best and most important shônen in history.


Even with the passage of time, the series continues keeping pretty cool and their fights continue to be as impressive as the first time we witnessed them. It is clear that at the level of animation it cannot be compared with many current products, but you have to put yourself in a situation of the time in which its production was carried out and the limitations that it had.

Thus, it is the perfect occasion to add one of the most emblematic fighting anime to our collections. The only thing that can be missed is the absence of extras like making-offs and stuff like that, but otherwise it’s worth getting.

The best

  • Enjoy one of the best series of fights again.
  • An edition that is very beautiful once completed.
  • The absence of censorship.


  • The endless stuffing (although it’s more enjoyable nowadays).
  • The absence of extras.



Staff: Hayato Date Katsuyuki Sumisawa Tetsuya Nishio and Hirofumi Suzuki Tetsuya Nishio, Hirofumi Suzuki, and Toshio Masuda
Study: Studio Pierrot
Year: 2002
Guy: TV series animation
Duration: 23 minutes approx.