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Naruto Shippuden BOX 2

At the end of July the second box of naruto shippudensecond part of the mythical anime that adapts the original work of Masashi Kishimoto. The series reaches the Spanish domestic market for the first time both in DVD like in Blu-ray.

This second pack contains from the episode 31 to 57that is, in terms of plot arcs, the end of the arc of the rescue of Gaarathe arc of the Heaven and Earth Bridge Reconnaissance Mission full and the beginning of the third arc of the series, called The Twelve Ninja Guardianswhich is the first arc of filling of shippuden. As in the previous review, we are going to focus on the version in Blu-ray.

Team Kakashi embarks on a spy mission that brings them face to face with Orochimaru and an old acquaintance.

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Changes and an expected reunion

The pack begins with the last two chapters of the first arc of naruto shippudenthe one corresponding to the rescue of Gaara. This reinforces the anticlimactic sensation of the previous pack and that we already commented on in its corresponding review, and that is that for only two remaining chapters we could have had the first arc of the saga complete. Be that as it may, with this second pack we shelve this first arc and start with the second, the so-called Heaven and Earth Bridge Reconnaissance Mission. Let us remember that in the combat of Sasori against Sakura and the grandmother chiyo he confesses to both that in 10 days he will meet with his informant, who has been infiltrated with Orochimaru. The title of this arc mentions this long-awaited and intriguing meeting.

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Without going into the details of the plot, this is a transition arc in many aspects. Changes within team 7, with the new leader Yamato and the irritating and strange saiddestabilize Naruto and that will put the mission in difficulties. It is interesting to see how Naruto Y Sakura face this new reality, and it is that the regret of the march of Sasuke continues to make a dent in both. Without a doubt, it is quite interesting to see how the new team in successive episodes are trying to understand each other little by little, while we get to know each other a little better. said Already Yamato. There is also the issue of control kyuubi (or rather lack of control) that he has to face Narutoand the sense of guilt that affects you for fear of harming those you care about.

In this pack we witness two important moments: on the one hand, the meeting and subsequent battle on the aforementioned bridge, with the return of well-known characters such as Orochimaru Y kabuto. A battle that compared to the combat of Sakura Y chiyo against Sasoriremains somewhat decaffeinated, despite seeing Naruto owned and controlled by the kyuubi.

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On the other hand, there is the raid on the lair of Orochimaru in search of Sasuke that triggers with the expected reunion with his ex-colleagues, a scene with which he precisely opens shippuden in advance mode. This trailer does not appear as such in the manga. It is quite an important moment because it shows the determination of Sasuke for accomplishing his goal while making it clear that he has severed all ties with Naruto, Sakura and the Leaf Village.

The pack ends with the first five chapters of the following arc: The Twelve Ninja Guardianswhich at the moment shows the new training of Naruto with his newfound nature of the wind chakra and the introduction and opening bars of the next arc.

Roughly speaking, this second volume is somewhat inferior to the first, although it does have a few important moments that will mark the course of the story.

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Technical plan

Regarding the technical aspect, these chapters maintain the level of the previous ones and no significant changes are appreciated. By this I mean that the animation is at least acceptable, without being crazy. Something that is very significant is that from chapter 54 the series starts to have a screen format of 16:9 instead of 4:3, a format that will be maintained until the end of it. With the new dubbing, three quarters of the same as in the previous pack can be said, this is more than correct and without noticeable flaws, although for those who want to enjoy the previous dubbing made, it is also available in these chapters.

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The soundtrack continues to be a monumental enjoyment, with the already mythical soundtrack of Yasuharu Takanashi (Fairy Tail, Sailor Moon Crystal, zombieland saga). In addition, in terms of openings we can enjoy two, on the one hand the theme Distancefor the arch of the Bridge, a theme of the band Long Shot Party which has always seemed quite insufferable to me, with blushing lyrics. The second opening (third of the series) is the mythical blue birdfrom the band ikimonogakari, a beautiful opening that could be said today that it has become not only the most famous opening of the series, but also one of the most recognized in the world of anime in the last 25 years. As for endings, there are also two: kimi monogatariof little by little Y mezamero! Yasei that as a curiosity during it shows images of the characters with a much more realistic touch.

The edition

The pack is exactly the same as the first. We once again have an amaray box with a cover. Contains on this occasion 3 discs Blu-ray with its striking engraving of a different character which still looks really good. Each disc has an average of 7 or 8 chapters, and they are presented in their respective support. This support is somewhat soft, and this makes it difficult to remove the discs, so you have to proceed carefully to prevent them from being damaged. The image maintains a good definition, the restoration work is noticeable, and although its size is 4:3, as it was broadcast in its day, that does not impede its enjoyment at all. These chapters are still uncensored.

Something that continues to baffle me a lot is that the packs do not fit the different arcs quite well, although it is understandable that if each pack has an average of 26 episodes, this is a difficult task. It’s also a shame that this pack still doesn’t include any extras.

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Now that the 20th anniversary of the series is celebrated, this is still a great opportunity to re-enjoy the story of an icon of the world of manganime.

©2002 MASASHI KISHIMOTO / 2007 SHIPPUDEN All Rights Reserved.

The best

  • Being able to enjoy a classic at home.
  • Unforgettable soundtrack.
  • Nice redoubling job.
  • Availability of the old dubbing in Spanish.


  • Absence of extras and script.

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