Curiosities of Naruto that surely you did not know!

One of the most famous anime in the world came to the screen of Channel 1for this, we tell you about some Naruto trivia.

  • At first, Naruto It was going to be a culinary program, then it changed to the ninja series, but the idea of ​​gastronomy was preserved, leaving ramen as the protagonist’s favorite food.
  • The father of chouji is part of the group of people who wants to kill Naruto during the first chapter.
  • The names of the Toads are related to popular actors and actresses in Japan during the 80s and 90s, these are:

Gamabunta, in Bunta Sugawara.

Gamaken, in Takakur Ken.

Shima, in Iwashita Shima.

  • When the idea of ​​anime was being developed, the idea that Naruto was a wizardbut Kishimoto Seeing that it would be difficult to explain magical techniques, he decided to switch to ninjas.
  • the character of Rock Lee was inspired by the martial arts actor Bruce Lee.
  • naruto shippuden it means “Hurricane Chronicles”.
  • Naruto he is the youngest in the team Kakashi and the second of his entire generation. the youngest is hinata.
  • favorite character of Kishimoto It is not Narutootherwise Sasukeso much so that I spent more time drawing him than other characters.
  • Sai Y Sasuke they were created with the same sketches. In addition, it was also thought that they would resemble each other in personality and psychological aspects.
  • The Sussano At first it was thought to make it an exclusive technique of Itachiwith the death of Uchiha it was allowed that it could be awakened by mastering the Tsukiyomi and the Amaterasu.
  • Itachi it means “weasel”. In Japan there is a belief that the weasel is a symbol of bad luck and fatal fate.
  • Naruto is the third jinchuriki from kurama. Before him they had Myth Uzumaki Y Kushina Uzumaki (Naruto’s mom).