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Death NoteDespite the fact that it is over, it is one of the most popular series. The story comes from the hands of the writer Tsugumi Ōba, while the drawing is by the illustrator Takeshi Obata.

Both form a winning duo, and have worked in other series, such as the cases of Bakuman and Platinum End, which are over.

However, on a few occasions they have worked on separate projects, and it seems that Obata you have something new on your hands.

Takeshi Obata and his career beyond Death Note

The information is not yet confirmed, but will work alongside Asakura Akinari. The latter will be the writer responsible for this unpublished story. The name of this will be Shoha Shoten, and it is very different from Death Note.

The plot centers on a couple of guys who want to become comedians. So Takeshi Obata wants to get away a bit from the mystery and the supernatural with this story. He has participated in many other projects.

Naruto shows his darker side with illustration from the creator of Death Note

Apart from those mentioned above, there are Hikaru no Go, Ral Grad, All You Need Is Kill and School Judgment: Gakkyu Hotei. All of them with different themes, and working alongside various creatives.

In general, Obata it is limited more than anything to draw and capture other people’s ideas. It is something that seems to be repeated in the case of Shoha Shoten, unless you make some creative contribution beyond art. It would be interesting to know that detail.

Death Note co-creator works on new manga

Shoha Shoten is a story about comedians

This manga will begin to be published in the November issue of this year of the magazine Jump SQ from the publisher Shueisha, which will go on sale in October.

There are no pictures yet on what this series will look like, though Takeshi Obata has a very definite style of drawing.

So you have to keep an eye on the work you do. If the information is real, the news about it will not take long to appear,

Will he ever come back Obata to retake Death Note next to Tsugumi Ōba? It is difficult to say, although no one ever imagined that in 2020 the two would meet to work on a one-shot, expanding the story a bit.

The plot takes place after the end of the manga, but with a new protagonist. Despite the disappearance of Light Yagami, the sinister notebook is still present in the world, causing more harm than good to those who mess with it.