Disappeared from Netflix, the Naruto series will finally return in February

Netflix broke the hearts of ninja fans back in January, but it didn’t take long for the apprentice Hokage to return.

The year 2023 and the following will be a bit special for Netflix subscribers. Indeed, many programs could simply disappear from the streaming platform, since their exclusive contracts are coming to an end. Some series giants such asOrange is the New Black or House of Cards therefore risk moving to other SvoD channels, unless Netflix renews their contracts with rights holders in time. One of the first victims of this wave of defections were naruto and naruto Shippudenthe two animes taken from Masashi Kishimoto’s manga (while the first celebrated its 20th birthday last year).

Ninja reappearance

At the beginning of January, therefore, the two cult anime simply disappeared from the available programs. A heartbreaker for fans of the Konoha universe and the adventures of Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura… But as ninjas worthy of the name, the little hokage apprentices are also past masters in the art of camouflage, disappearing and reappearing as fast as the wind.

Above all, Netflix, which is aware of the important part played by its anime vis-à-vis its audience, in the face of growing competition from other players in the field, did not want to let one of the biggest representatives of the kind spinning towards other horizons.

A marathon of 720 episodes

It is with undisguised pleasure that the official Netflix Twitter account announced the return of naruto and naruto Shippuden on its French platform on February 1, with an image specially produced for the occasion which did not fail to make fans react. Already recently exceeded in terms of millions of volumes sold by another success, Detective Conan, naruto would have suffered from a new disappointment. Watch or review the 220 or so episodes of naruto and 500 episodes of naruto Shippuden will be possible again. A long journey, which relates well the difficulty of reaching the heights of the legend of manga and anime.