Discover Naruto’s greatest moments

Boruto showed us last week with the fate reserved for Kurama that it could arrive at the level of the emotions provided by Naruto. A level quite complicated to reach in view of the epic moments that punctuated the series for fifteen years. And for those who need a little reminder, find below the greatest moments of the series

1 – Naruto VS Neiji

Naruto vs Neiji, the fight of revelation – Credit (s): Toei Animation

THE event where Naruto makes us understand that he has what it takes to become a giant. While he was until then a failure, barely capable of cunning to help his friends in difficult clashes like Zabuza, he shows for the first time that he can make even a genius. We thus see him almost losing in front of the Byakugan and the 64 fists of the Hakke of Neji, to finally reveal to us in an immense effort of will the frightening chakra of Kurama., and in the end put down the one who announced that everything was written, and that we had no control over fate!

2 – The arrival of Madara in the great shinobi war

Madara Uchiha, to serve you
Madara Uchiha, to serve you – Credit (s): Toei Animation

It is a downtime that marked a whole generation. Madara seemed for many episodes to come back to life, and hidden by a mysterious mask. But in fact the god of warriors was dead, and it was the Edo tensei that had given him life again. A high-level comeback that quite simply completely changed the story in an instant, and which was followed by a show of force with a perfect Susanô and meteorites that devastated the 5 kage.. A giant among ants!

3 – Itachi’s last moments with Sasuke

Sasuke takes one last look at his brother
Sasuke takes one last look at his brother – Credit (s): Toei Animation

The saddest story in all of Naruto. The desolation of Itachi, murderer of his clan, outcast of his village sought by everyone shinobi, and object of an incandescent hatred on the part of his brother … An odyssey in the dark which ends in a titanic fight against Sasuke, to whom he makes believe until the last moment that he wants to recover his pupils for, a second before dying, to administer to him the traditional flick of a loving big brother, and to die with tears in his eyes. A seismic shock!

4 – The death of Jiraiya

Jiraiya, assassinated by Pain
Jiraya, assassinated by Pain – Credit (s): Toei Animation

Who can deny it? There was one death that touched more than the others in Naruto, it is that of Jiraya, murdered by Pain. The fatal destiny of the perverse hermit has been understood to us since his departure as a farewell with Tsunade, then throughout the mythical fight against the different Bread, where he never ceases to impress, to the point of putting 3 bodies of his former pupil out of harm’s way. A crescendo in the legend which ends with a last message for Naruto, to whom he transmits his flame before collapsing in the waters of oblivion of the village of Soul …

5 – Naruto’s arrival facing Pain

Naruto successor to Minato Yondaime and Jiraiya
Naruto successor to Minato Yondaime and Jiraya – Credit (s): Toei Animation

The last second before the end of the world! Never did the story seem more about (prematurely) to end than when, after having annihilated Konoha, Naruto crushes the Shuradô Bread that would kill Tsunade.. There is then only one hope left, and it is a young fair-haired boy, bawling for years that he wanted to become Hokage, who from behind appears as the worthy successor of Yondaime and his master murdered not long ago by the same. Bread. The epic at its peak!