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The company Panini France, specialized in the publishing of books, comics, mangas or even in the creation of collectables, is proud to announce the launch of new collections of stickers and cards under Naruto and One Piece licenses, available on the site panini.Fr, at newsagents and in supermarkets. The One Piece collection has been available since June 10 and the Naruto collection since the beginning of July.

Paninia company that evolves with its audiences

Panini, a company based in France since 1974, has continued, throughout its history, to evolve and renew its offer to the general public. Always at the forefront of trends, the brand is attentive to market trends and takes up characters from the worlds most appreciated by children, but no longer only. Indeed, the share of adult fan collectors, also called the Kidult, continues to grow. In France, in a context of global enthusiasm for manga, the GFK firm was able to report in 2021 that 24% of the books sold are manga, i.e. 47 million copies! Panini is then reinforced in this universe with ranges of collectibles including the most popular licenses such as Dragon Ball, One Piece, or Naruto.

Naruto Shippuden: an icon of the manga universe arrives at Panini

Panini offers manga and anime fans a new iconic collection around Naruto Shippuden. With this major license, Panini confirms its roots in the major consumer trends in the entertainment sector! The cult anime of the nine-tailed demon fox celebrates its 20th anniversary this year and Panini has therefore decided to pay tribute to him with two exceptional highlights that will delight fans of the series!

Panini Panini

The first highlight will see the arrival ofan album of 193 stickers including 30 silver ones and 50 collectible cards. This collection returning to the entire Shippuden saga, it will be possible to find all the key characters to address all generations of Naruto fans. This album will be available in July 2022.

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A new collection of Trading Cards will be unveiled at the start of the school year!

Panini announces its second One Piece collection

In September 2021, Panini launches its very first collection ONE PIECE echoing the publication of volume 100 in France as well as the distribution of 1000e episode on November 20. Ranging from the Saga East Blue to the Saga Thriller Bark, this first part wanted to cover the first steps of the manga and lay the foundations by presenting the protagonists of the series in different forms.

Panini Panini

For the year 2022, Panini launches its second collection of One Piece stickers and cards, one of the most popular manga and anime sagas of recent years, around the arc of “The war at the top”, cornerstone of the manga taking place just before the ‘ellipse. This new collection is made up of 184 stickers and 50 collectible cards in an original 32-page album, available from June 10.

Panini Panini

Good news for One Piece fans, Panini is already preparing its third collection of stickers and cards which should arrive in early 2023. This collection focuses on the events of the “Isle of the Fish-Man” Saga and will go up to the arc of the Pays des Wa which is the climax of the series. Panini promises never-before-seen image designs. A collection of Trading Cards is confirmed for November 2022.

Another big surprise is coming!

Panini don’t stop there, to end the year 2022 in style the brand has just acquired the globally successful manga license My Hero Academia and will be able to market this novelty before the end of 2022. An unpublished collection is being developed and information will be coming very soon.

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