Discovery: “Learn about Kanji and Kana with Naruto” –

Passionate about Naruto and more generally Japan? Larousse editions have thought of you with “Initiate yourself to Kanji and Kana with Naruto”, a small notebook intended to familiarize the youngest with kana and other kanji.

Article made from a copy provided by the publisher.

By way of introduction, the book opens with a first part of about ten pages quickly presenting what Japanese writing is. The existence of two syllabaries (hiragana and katakana) and kanji, how these are constructed or the rules governing their writing, the basics of Japanese writing are presented in a few pages, allowing the neophyte to quickly know what he ventures. If those who already speak the language will be able to argue that this presentation is very superficial, it is important to note that we are not here in the presence of an academic textbook that one uses to become bilingual. Initiate yourself to Kanji and Kana with Naruto is indeed a purely introductory manual intended for (young) complete beginners. Those who really wish to learn the language can already go their way.

After these few pages, here we are in front of the heart of the subject with the presentation of the two syllabaries and the kanji. Very basic, the layout is based on that of the exercise books of any good Japanese student with the character presented roughly, accompanied by a small commentary sometimes useful, sometimes frankly dispensable when there is nothing particular to note , and boxes to practice writing. For ideograms, the result is the same except for the addition of a translation of it.