Do you know the origin of Naruto? This was the character before becoming the ninja loved by the whole world

Even the most famous manga in all of history must first go through a ‘test’ phase before they are finally given the green light, and from there all kinds of curious experiments can arise. On the side of Akira Toriyamafor example, we have to before becoming official “dragonball“The author came up with a story named “Dragon Boy”. Well, with “Naruto“There was never a different name (at least that is known), but yes a relatively different protagonist and plot.

Yes Naruto was once literally a fox child

Before going into the details about the manga, I will leave you with a picture that I think is worth a thousand words (via fandom):

And now, I am going to comment in more detail what you see in the image:

  • So that there are no misunderstandings, the image is a transformation that Naruto uses as a jutsu. In the original manga that served as a pilot, the truth is that he was already that Naruto Uzumaki with an almost identical design at the end. ❗
  • Still, it should be made clear that Naruto was really a fox child, and not a human child as such. That’s because his father was actually the nine-tailed fox., who was killed by a character that many will remember the third hokage (and, logically, there is much that is rescued from the pilot to the definitive later work). ❗
  • In the pilot manga, in addition, there are striking things such as the city that Naruto moves to is not a village as such, but is quite modern and contemporary. In fact, Naruto himself uses a motorcycle on his trips. In addition, she ends up making friends with a character who, due to his tendency to drink, can remind one of Jiraiya. ❗
  • On the other hand, the story of that manga is completely closed and does not give rise to anything from the definitive manga. The only thing one can extract is that it is a story centered on the trust and dislike that people feel towards Naruto for who he is and his mischievous behavior, something that does appear later in the ‘real’ story. ✔️
  • For legal reasons I will not link to any place to read the pilot manga, but I already tell you that If you search on Google you will find it quickly. It’s not like there’s another way to read it, I’d say come on :/ ✔️

I would like to know what made Masashi Kishimoto end up changing the nature of “Naruto” as a fox-child to making him a boy with a fox demon trapped in his body. It is clear that the general idea of ​​the work always had it, and I personally think that this pilot was much closer to what the final result was than the “Dragon Boy” by Akira Toriyama that I mentioned before. In any case, it is always interesting to discover things like this from great legends like this one.

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