Does Gaara die in Naruto Shippuden?

Gaara is one of the most endearing characters in Naruto Y naruto shippuden due to its intense and at times unexpected developmentHowever, more than one was taken by surprise by the fate of the ninja in the anime and manga. Does Gaara die in Naruto Shippuden? Here you will find the answer to this question and other interesting questions about the Sand Village shinobi.

Who is Gaara?

Perhaps at this point the question seems redundant, but the truth is that there is an undeniable truth: Gaara is one of the most important (and interesting) characters in all Naruto. Wow, we could even say that it is the best developed of the entire Kishimoto series. But leaving discussions of that nature aside, let’s start with the important stuff. Gaara is a jinchuriki who keeps Shukaku, also known as the One-Tail, inside him. Although initially he was an incarnated enemy of Naruto and the Leaf Village, after a battle against him they became friends and allies in the series to come.

In naruto shippuden things did not radically change. Except while Naruto continued to be a shinobi full of energy and mischief to be had Gaara had already become the leader of his village, the Kazekage. He was also one of the first to face the threat posed by the Akatsuki, however he lost his battle against Deidara, changing the fate of his village.

Does Gaara die in Naruto Shippuden?

After being captured by the Akatsuki, Gaara dies after undergoing a ritual to extract Shukaku from him.. This happens in episode 17 of naruto shippuden, leaving the former Kazekage lifeless in the hands of the Akatsuki. However this would not be the end of Gaara, because after this he is found by Naruto and his allies and taken back to his village.

Gaara comes back to life thanks to the sacrifice of Granny Chiyo, who offers her own life to save the Kazekage. The ninja of the Hidden Sand Village recovers his life and can return to his functions, but that did not make him recover the Bijuu that he formerly had inside him, losing a part of his power thanks thereto.


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