Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece, Attack on Titan… are these Japanese anime suitable for my child?

Scenes of violence galore, glorification of the strong man, normalization of impulsiveness and pride, sexualization of women, vulgarity… You may not know it, but Dragon Ball (and its derivative series), Naruto, One Room, LAttack on Titan and other popular Japanese anime sometimes have striking and impactful scenes for children. However, these anime Japanese are certainly part of most watched manga in France by children. But despite their rather childish looks, associated with cartoonssome Japanese anime aren’t as cute and benevolent as they look. In the facts, most manga series watched by 7-8 year olds are not suitable for children under 10 (and even more). We explain why, with the help of the psychiatrist, Anne Gramondspecializing in the development of children and author of several books on childhood, including 100 ideas to help a child who is not well, ed. Tom Push.

dragonball, naruto, One Ppart adapted for children under 10?

dragonball is definitely the anime that is look at from an early age, some even start as young as 5 years old. At first glance, this series seems nice, because of its main character, San Gokua very cute and very funny little boy. If at the beginning of the anime, the episodes are fun and captivating and talk about fantastic adventures, plus San Goku grows, the more the violence increases (in Dragon Ball Z for example). As the episodes progress, the Dragon Ball series is animated by many very violent fight scenes, in which the characters hit each other with bloody fists. In terms of respect for women, the characters are still in 1986 (when the manga was adapted into an anime series) : the boys look under the skirts of the girls without any embarrassment. Not to mention the awesome turtle characteran old man who smokes his nose like a locomotive, as soon as he sees a pretty girl. Same thing in Naruto, there are many scenes of violence and the women there are very sexualized: eThey are mostly represented with very generous breasts. same for me One Roomwhere women are also very stereotyped and where there is a tendency towards male dominance. Representations which, according to child specialist Anne Gramondcan be integrated by children aged 7-8, who are in full development: “Children will trivialize what they see on the screen, and can later reproduce the same patterns,” she adds.

Scenes of violence in manga: what impact on the child?

At the end of the 1980s, Ségolène Royal wrote an essay, “Le ras-le-bol desbabies zappeurs”, in which she castigated manga for this reason. For her, they were only “beatings, murders, ripped off heads, electrocuted bodies, repulsive masks, horrible beasts, roaring demons. Fear, violence, noise.”. However, the specialists do not advise against manga either! There are a lot of good ones to watch a japanese anime. According to the psychiatrist, the most important thing is to respect the age limits“he It is imperative to respect the age limits assigned to Japanese anime. And most anime viewed by children are not of their age. One Room and Dragon Ball are not recommended for children under 10 years old, Dragon Ball Z for children under 12 years old, Naruto, Detective Conanand many others, for children under 13, and Lattack on titan at least 16 years old. And for good reason : the scenes of violence are far too present. Especially since numerous studies have proven that exposure to scenes of violence on screen “increases the risk of violence following viewing, and in the long term, a trivialization of violence in children” , and this, even when it is a cartoon, explains the specialist.

Should we ban certain Japanese anime for our child?

Forbidding your child to watch a Japanese anime is not necessarily the best solution. If your child keeps hearing about it at school, and absolutely wants to discover this world too, the specialist offers an alternative: “You have to find a balance,” she says. Indeed, to avoid frustrating her child, she advises accompanying him during his viewing and teaching him to have a critical look at what he is watching. “You have to explain to him that such and such a thing is not good, that these anime were created at another time, that today the codes are no longer the same”.

In fact, anime Japanese are not to be banned, on the contrary, they bring a lot of things to children. In particular, an open mind to the world, with the discovery of Japanese culture. Moreover, nmany are the children who spent their youth watching manga and many of them were much more marked by stories of fantastic adventures, travels, strong friendships, indestructible loves, rather than violence . Louis26 years, consumer of Japanese anime since he was 5 years old, testifies: “I started watching anime japanese very young people with my brother and my cousin. The first memories that I have TV, it’s Dragon Ball. It’s more than a cartoon full of violence. He learns important life values ​​such as never giving up and knowing how to forgive. He learns that you have to surpass yourself to achieve your goals, that resentment is no good… I only have very good memories today.

what a japanese anime for children under 10?

There are many japanese anime suitable for children! Here is a list (non-exhaustive) ofjapanese anime to watch for kids (all available to stream on Netflix) :

Yu Gi Oh! : Starting from 7 years old

Pokemon : from 6 years old

Digimon : Starting from 7 years old

Princess Sarah : all public

Chi my kitten : all public

InaZuma eleven : Starting from 7 years old

SonicX : Starting from 7 years old

Glitter Strength : Starting from 7 years old