Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece… The best manga together in a new video game!

Game News Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece… The best manga together in a new video game!

While One Piece Odyssey will not take long to point the end of its name, another game featuring our favorite manga is talking about it at the moment: a mobile MOBA bringing together the greatest heroes of shonen. We tell you about it!

A MOBA with Naruto, Dragon Ball, Demon Slayer and One Piece

After Pokemon Unitea new world invites itself into the MOBA genre: that (or rather those) of your favorite manga. One Piece, Demon Slayer, Dragon Ball or narutoAll these works are in the mobile game Codename Jump (certainly provisional name). If it is still very mysterious (difficult to find official information about it), many gameplay videos have been surging on Youtube for a few days. We discover there a fairly classic 5v5 MOBA, whose graphics are very reminiscent of Pokémon Unite by the way. A priori, each hero will be able to equip himself with three special attacks and unlock new ones over the course of the games. We let you see what it looks like with the gameplay video below:

Note that the last attempt to collect the most famous manga in a game ended in failure. Yet when Bandai Namco introduced us Jump Forcea fighting game bringing together flagship licenses such as Bleach, Death Note, Dragon Ball, Hunter x Hunter, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Naruto, Saint Seiya or Yu Gi Oh!, the excitement was there. But now, at the exit, Japanese manga fans were deeply disappointed. The mixed reviews and its meager success even quickly got the better of the game. Three years after its release, Jump Force was withdrawn from sale. A few months later, most online functionality was simply shut down. We hope that this Codename Jump will not meet the same fate. In any case, if it follows the model of Pokémon Unite, it has a good chance of being more successful than Jump Force. But to be able to confirm this, we may have to wait a little while.

A mobile game in China only?

For now, the game is only available for a handful of players. It has indeed revealed itself through a limited-time closed beta and only open to Chinese players. Returns from some of these lucky ones, mobage (accustomed to mobile games taking over the manga universe) would be in charge. But no information about the game is available on their site. Just as there is no information on any release date or arrival in the West. Codename Jump could therefore never see the light of day with us, or very late.

Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece… The best manga together in a new video game!

It’s starting to become a habit for manga fans. As pointed out, RZA from BMS another game of the genre will land in China later this year. This is One Piece Dream Pointer, an RPG similar to Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross taking us, as its name suggests, to discover new adventures alongside Luffy and the Mugiwaras. As a reminder, the game will take place on the holy land of Mary Geoise during the year 3D2Y and will offer 148 minutes of cinematics, a fairly free exploration and a combat system based on skill cards. Enough to promise a nice experience on mobile after your getaway in One Piece Odyssey. Scheduled for the first half of 2023 in China, no date has unfortunately been mentioned for the West. Another thing to follow…

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