Dragon Ball: The time Son Goku was in Naruto, almost literally

Naruto” is a manga and anime classic, one of the crowned ‘Big Three’ that took on the legacy of “dragon ball” to follow that line of epic shonen full of action, fantasy and others capable of conquering millions around the world. Obviously, if there is something that one can find in “Naruto” it is references to “Dragon Ball” itself, until the point that Son Goku’s own character came to be present in Masashi Kishimoto’s work… not literally, of course.

This is how he introduced Naruto’s lore to the figure of Son Goku, the protagonist of Dragon Ball

Then I’m going to leave you with the creature that served as a ‘proxy’ to introduce Son Goku into the “Naruto” universe as if nothing had happened:

This is also Son Goku, but not the one you are used to from Dragon Ball

Yes, as you can see I’m talking about one of the famous Bijuu from “Naruto”and this reference has a good crumb:

  • To start, the beast is directly named after Son Goku. Obviously, this is all based on the legend of the Monkey King from ‘A Journey to the West’, a story on which Dragon Ball itself is based. But there are several reasons why the reference to Kishimoto’s work it is more to Toriyama than not to the origin of everything. ❗
    • First, the beast in question is the one with four tails. How many stars is Son Goku’s characteristic Dragon Ball that was given to him by his grandfather Gohan? In fact, also four. ✔️
    • Second, Son Goku’s first grandmaster is none other than Roshi. What is the name of the Jinchuuriki capable of controlling the Bijuu in Naruto? Sure enough, he also goes by the name of Roshi. Coincidence? I very much doubt it. ✔️
    • Third, the simple fact that the beast gets the name of Son Goku and not Sun Wukong, the latter being the one that actually refers to the original Chinese work. ✔️

Obviously, if someone was soaked in “Naruto” originally, it was possible that they would have already realized all these things, but otherwise it seems to me a very interesting curiosity. Again, it is not at all strange that works like “Naruto” have been historically fixed on “Dragon Ball”. we’re talking about that Akira Toriyama laid the groundwork for the future success of more commercial action-packed shonen, and this really is just one example of all that can be found..

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