Dragon Ball x Naruto: This is how Android 18 becomes Tsunade thanks to this spectacular fanart

They are two of the most recognized anime productions of the last decades, and a fan decided to unite them by creating a new character. dragonball Y Naruto they merge to turn Android 18 into the beautiful Tsunade, thanks to Mirko Segato’s fanart.

This digital artist showed in a video on his TikTok account how Android 18 would turn into Tsunade.

android number 18 Also known as Lazuli, she made her appearance in the Dragon Ball manga volume 29, chapter 349. While in the anime she debuted in episode 133 of Dragon Ball Z.

This blonde was the twin sister of Android number 17, created from a human base by Dr. Gero to destroy Goku, as our friends from Dragon Ball Wiki Hispano.

His strength is immense, with the ability to fly by means of ki, create an energy barrier, and fire multiple energy blasts towards the opponent.

For his part, tsunade He is a character from Naruto, appearing in the manga for the first time in chapter 122, while in the anime he did so in episode 72.

She has similar physical elements to Android 18, such as blonde hair, as well as being one of the most recognizable fighters in the series.

She is one of the strongest kunoichi, besides being the best medical ninja in the world, according to Naruto Wiki. His attitude is harsh with his peers, but he shows sympathy and sensitivity for others.

Tsunade became a mentor to Shizune, Sakura Haruno, and Ino Yamanaka.

This is the fusion between Android number 18 and Tsunade, for the Dragon Ball x Naruto crossover

Mirko Segato He is an expert artist in making character fusions. His TikTok account has nearly 140,000 followers, with 1.8 million likes.

In addition to drawing extraordinarily, he is a top-notch tattoo artist.

His fusion between Android 18 and Tsunade has more than 1,600 Likes, in addition to several positive comments. You can see how he did it in this TikTok video.

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