Dragon Ball Z Kai is already the most watched anime on HBO Max; not even naruto beats him

Goku is a hero in Mexico and Latin America, if you don’t believe us you just have to see what happened in hbo maxwhere the eternally criticized Dragon Ball Z Kai It is the most watched anime series.

That’s right, it didn’t matter that Dragon Ball Z Kai is hated by all Dragon Ball fans. Mexico Y Latin Americanor that HBO Max released a version even worse than the original.

According to HBO Max data, of all its anime content, Dragon Ball Z Kai is the most viewed, followed by Naruto and One Piece, two other classics of the genre.

But do not think that Naruto and Luffy were close to Goku and company, Dragon Ball Z Kai surpassed its competitors by a wide margin, as it became the most viewed content of all HBO Max.

Second only to House of the Dragon.

Dragon Ball Z Kai on HBO Max (HBOMax)

The 15 most watched anime on HBO Max

If you have hbo max and you don’t know what animes to watch, besides Dragon Ball Z KaiNaruto and One Piece, here we leave you a list of the 15 most watched anime of the platform.

Take into account that HBO Max includes the entire genre in a single category, hence the list you see series and movies.

  1. Dragon Ball Z Kai
  2. Naruto
  3. one piece
  4. Dragonballz the battle of the gods
  5. Fairytail
  6. Boruto: Next Generations
  7. death note
  8. Your Name
  9. The Zodiac Warriors: The Lost Canvas
  10. One Piece: Stampede
  11. Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon
  12. World Trigger
  13. Attack On Titan: The Scarlet Bow And Arrow
  14. Dragon Quest: The Adventure Of Dai
  15. The time with you

In addition to this, HBO Max has the Ghost in the Shell movies: Arise; which apparently have not attracted much attention from fans

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Naruto (Pierrot)

Why is Dragon Ball Z Kai hated so much?

The success of Dragon Ball Z Kai on HBO Max, positions it as one of the most viewed content on HBO Max; although since its premiere it has been quite criticized.

Although Toei is supposed to have released it as the definitive version of the show, with improved image quality and no filler, the fans did not like the result.

This is because several things were censored, in addition to the fact that chapters that many considered classics were eliminatedlike Goku learning to drive.

In Mexico and Latin America things were worse, as almost the entire cast of original voices in Dragon Ball Z Kai was changed, which sparked the anger of the fans.

Mario Castaneda and René García did not return to Dragon Ball Z Kai, until the Buu Sagawhich is also known as The Final Chapters.

Interestingly, at the premiere of Dragon Ball Z Kai on HBO Max, social networks were filled with complaints, because the version they released had poor image quality and worse “arrangements”.

Dragon Ball Z Kai

Dragon Ball Z Kai (Toei Animation)

With information from HBO Max