Draw Naruto in 12 different anime styles and it’s the best you are going to see today

Once again, the artists that we can find within the fandom from Naruto They manage to surprise us by applying, for this, homegrown styles with which to give their favorite characters a different look. Of course, this is not the first time that connoisseurs of drawing dare to redesign Naruto characters, since the popularity of this work conformed by countless episodes and movies has served to inspire countless artists otaku. On this occasion, we will be able to see the very protagonist of Kishimoto’s magnum opus drawn in no more and no less than 12 different anime styles.

Beq Art draws Naruto following the style of 12 different popular anime

The artist and youtuber Beq Art has published on his channel a video titled Drawing NARUTO in 12 Different Anime Styles, in which we can see how a sheet of paper is divided into several boxes, for later fill them in with different Naruto character redesigns, protagonist of the manga of the same name. Can you guess the styles before I reveal them?

The styles that he has used in his drawings, following the order of appearance of the video, are the following:

  • Naruto (minute 1:21 of the video)
  • Dragon Ball (2:33)
  • Dr. Stone (3:42)
  • Guardians of the Night (5:03)
  • Bleach (6:05)
  • Attack on Titan (7:05)
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! (8:18)
  • Jujutsu Kaisen (9:27)
  • Black Clover (10:35)
  • One Piece (11:45)
  • Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (12:40)
  • One Punch Man (13:24)

This cartoonist manages to represent in a very ingenious way the different drawing styles used in the most popular anime of the moment. We recommend taking a look at the channel Beq Art to see more similar videos with other anime characters as well as celebrities from the real world (his video in which he draws the famous soccer player Messi in different anime styles is quite a must watch). We hope this youtuber keep climbing the platform content of similar quality, that can enrich the community otaku through exploring different styles of drawing that use the mangakas best known.